Voice Broadcasting Software: Best Communication Tool For Education Industries

Voice Broadcasting Software
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Voice call is one of the best and effective ways to communicate and convey a message to the target audience. Today, voice calls play a key role in various sectors like education, healthcare, politics, business, e-commerce, and more. When talking about voice broadcasting, it’s a broad term. Voice broadcasting is a mass communication technique that is used to convey a message over the phone to thousands of callers at once. Similar to SMS Broadcasting Software, the voice broadcasting service can be used for notifications, alerts, announcements, offers, surveys, and more. It can even be used to record customer responses by implementing a simple IVR system. Voice broadcasting software service is widely used by businesses for advertising purposes. Government agencies also use this service to update the public during national emergencies. The service finds its usage in assorted industries and the education industry is one of them. 

How Voice Broadcasting Technology Works?

The users can send the information they want to send in the form of a voice message and upload a saved message. Speech synthesis software can also be used to convert a written note to a voice clip. Once the voice message is saved, the user just needs to upload the contact numbers, and that’s it.

A voice broadcasting technology generally works in the below simple steps:

  • The voice broadcasting system calls the consumer
  • The system plays a marketing message
  • After playing the message, the system then asks the recipient to press a number on their keypad to receive more information or to connect with a live agent. 

Benefits of Voice Broadcasting Service for Educational Institutions

Some of the key benefits of voice broadcasting service for educational institutions are mentioned below:

  • Run Campaigns: With the help of a voice broadcasting solution, educational institutions can run various campaigns, especially during the beginning of the academic year. They can run admission campaigns, which will help to promote admissions while also promoting the institute. Voice broadcasting service allows institutions to assign various virtual numbers to each marketing campaign and effectively track responses. When running an admission campaign or any other campaign for an educational institute, the voice call service helps to do this effectively while saving the hassle of calling each person. They just need to forward the pre-recorded message, and when the customers pick up the call, the pre-recorded message is played. 
  • To Connect with Students: As compared to e-mails or telephone calls, voice broadcasting offers a more competitive approach while sending an important notification. Educational institutions can send important messages like holiday messages due to an unexpected situation, extra class, extracurricular activities, or any important announcement to their students via voice broadcasting software
  • Facilitate Communication with Parents: Be it school or college, voice broadcasting is a smart way for educational institutions to connect with parents at any time. When making an important announcement, it may become a difficult task to call each parent and provide them the information. With the help of voice broadcasting the important message or information can be sent at once to all the parents without any hassle. It is the best platform for teachers to communicate with parents and vice versa. The platform can be used by teachers to communicate the progress of their students, to inform the parents about the absence of their ward on the institution premises, reminding them about the school trip, PTA meetings, and more. Same way, parents can use this platform to know how their children are performing, any issues they have, and more. 
  • To Broadcast Results: Earlier results used to publish in a newspaper or on a school bulletin board. Even today, sometimes students and their parents need to struggle to get online results due to slow internet connection. However, with the help of voice broadcasting solution, it has become much easier to broadcast the results. The educational institutes are required to provide student details and upload their results, and it will automatically reach the particular students through a phone call. 
  • To Run Social Welfare Campaigns: Educational institutes usually involve in running various social campaigns like supporting cleanliness, fight against slag, etc. With the help of voice broadcasting, the institutions can keep their students updated about the drives running in their institution. 


Voice broadcasting service helps educational institutions and other industry sectors to reach a large number of people in one go. One important thing to remember is that the quality of the message matters a lot in this technique. Therefore, the message should be clear, precise, and understandable for the people you need to target. 

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