Top 10 AI-driven Tools That Help Human Resource Manager In Recruitment

ai driven tools
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Among all the things trending recently, Artificial intelligence is the technology that keeps gaining more and more attention every year. Software development and other areas of IT use intelligent and self-learning programs. Artificial intelligence is still, without a doubt, far from human cognitive abilities, but numerous modern machines can learn, take decisions and think – close enough to human brains I’d say. For various areas of business, AI-based software is the most versatile solution. It offers more opportunities for automation of repetitive processes that do not require creativity and therefore, can be performed by a machine.

The processes’ automation becomes possible due to the ability of AI to analyse big data and rapidly estimate the options available. The use of AI technologies is not limited to the IT industry. It is spreading in marketing and development as well. With the broad scope of AI, it is not a surprise that companies have started using this technology in recruitment to automate the hiring process and explore new ways of hiring talent. It might be safe to say that AI is that recruitment technology solution that you’ll consider yourself a fool for not knowing or using.

Using AI for recruiting is a transpiring category of HR designed with the intention to decrease – or even eliminate – the time-consuming activities like screening the resumes manually. Screening resumes with efficiency and time-effectivity remain the biggest challenge in acquiring talent. Although, with the potential and high integrable functionality with the web-based HR management systems, AI can remove this problem (and many others) from the roots

Top 10 AI-driven Tools In Recruitment

AI-driven tools can be used on various stages of recruitment – right from the job posting, all the way to the interview process. The top 10 AI-Driven tools cover some of the most important stages in the recruitment process. Here are the top 10 AI-driven tools in recruitment:

AI-driven Software For Job Posting And Candidate Sourcing

AI can help you reduce the biased input/ language in your job descriptions. At times, one might not understand the jargon you’re using to describe the jobs. It allows you to ensure that it appeals to potential candidates irrespective of their gender, caste, race or any other discriminatory norm.


It’s a tool that assists the recruiters in improving the content of their postings. Users of textio have observed that making minor changes in the language using their product, the response rate from the applicants and their quality increased drastically. Among other things, it uses specific Natural Language Processing (NLP) along with Text Analytics Techniques. A broad range of businesses – be it FMCG companies or IT firms or everything in between – use this tool.

The primary aim of the recruiting teams is to source the right candidate, at the right time, at the correct cost. We are all aware of the variety of sourcing channels available in the market, making it even more necessary to source their candidates from the right place. Identifying the passive candidates and getting them to engage is a possibility too.


It is an AI-powered candidate sourcing and engagement solution that assists the companies to find the best talents much faster. This company has an august AI engine that stores data on relationships of people and places. This company offers the world’s first Healthcare AI solution to help the businesses find healthcare professionals – a necessity in the current COVID times.

AI-driven Tools For Candidate Screening

After receiving a hefty set of resumes, the next sensible step is to screen them and go ahead prioritising resumes. Usually, a resume parsing tool (using NLP, deep learning and machine learning) carries out the process of screening the resumes contractually. These tools can match and rank candidates to assist the recruiters with their shortlisting.


This solution assists in matching talents and shortlisting the resumes. It uses the techniques of machine learning and pattern recognition. The matching engine of this solution uses contextual analysis to compare the candidate profiles based on the necessary skills, expertise, experience etc. and then the candidates are ranked as per their scores for the particular job.


It is an AI-driven talent screening and matching system. It aims to help the enterprise in making more accurate, efficient and fair talent decisions. Their tool can screen and shortlist thousands of candidates in real-time instantly and accurately. 

AI-driven Tools For Candidate Assessment

An increasing number of companies use the pre-employment assessment tools to compare the essential skills and competencies of their candidates to assist them in finding the best person-job and person-organization match. These tools vary in sizes and shapes ranging from personality and skill assessment to fit the culture, chatbots, social skills and so on. While chatbots like Olivia and Jobpal are available in the market, the software performing the functions of assessment are much in trend. 


Some of the most successful brands use the AI-powered pre-employment assessment software built by Harver. The proprietary AI algorithm made by this company uses data and science to assist you in predicting the quality of recruits by measuring the candidate’s aptitude, culture fit, ability to succeed throughout their career and their soft skills. The technology offers a fully customisable recruiting experience with a broad array of assessment types.


It helps the companies in taking the cost of uncertainty and bias out of the recruitment process. It has done so for over the past 50 years. Their platform is used in more than 30 countries globally. Their pre-hire assessments predict a candidate’s chances of success both within a role and within the culture of the organisation. It backs its tools by decades of research and experience.

AI-driven Tools For The Interview Process

Interview process plays an essential part in the talent acquisition process. It is a trending topic. The companies are busy researching the competitor’s intelligence to ensure that they lead or are perceived to lead the competition with a topnotch interview process. We all understand the need for providing a great candidate experience, even to the ones that may not reach the finish line. This is because we are aware that those eliminated employees can be the future employees, future shareholders or just the ambassadors for the experience.


It is an Ai-based one-way video interviewing platform. Its engine sends an SMS, e-mail, and an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to the candidate with a video job description link. The candidate has to click on the given link to watch the video job description, and if they like the company, they can apply through a one-way video interview. The employer can present the questions for the interview and choose from among 39 different languages.


It is a platform that enables the companies to create a live face-to-face video interview, among other things, or schedule a candidate-only interview. It has in-built questions and AI technology that filters out fabricated applications from authentic candidates who have experience. At any given time, you can review the interviews recorded digitally, compare the scores of applicants and set up new or next level interviews.

AI-driven Tools For Offer And Onboarding Process

When it comes to offers and onboarding, the main objective is to keep the process as smooth as possible. The next priority is to provide a great experience to the recruits. The first impression is the last, after all!


This onboarding platform drives on experience and transforms employee onboarding into a continuous, rich and consistent experience. It offers all the needed tools for the organisation to aid in maximising employee engagement through machine learning.


It drenches your new employee’s heart in the essence of your organisation. Their software makes use of a unique blend of technology, experience and knowledge to create a customized onboarding experience for every organization. 

In The End…

Although AI is exploring the majority of the business spheres, recruiters still fear AI solutions. Some of them are confused that the machines might not be good enough for the work, while others fear that AI will replace them. It is doubtless that despite its usefulness, AI-driven tools are nothing more than just tools. They are NOT a replacement for the HR; instead, it is meant to assist them. However, this list is not exhaustive, and there are many other tools available in the market for managing the recruiting process.

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