How to Use Augmented Reality to Streamline Order Picking in Warehouse

Augmented Reality to Streamline Order Picking in Warehouse

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In the digital transformation era, several industries are leveraging the latest technologies across the globe. The primary reason is to enhance accuracy, efficiency and productivity. In the logistics and warehousing sector, Augmented Reality(AR) is the most widely used technology.  One of the main reasons is that AR offers various opportunities to streamline order-picking processes in warehouses. 

When it comes to picking up things, AR works the best. Several leading VR app development company are offering exceptional service by leveraging the most modern technologies. They work closely with the warehouse owners to narrow down their several processes. 

In this guide, we will discover how AR can revolutionize order picking. Further, we will discuss its benefits and implementation strategies. 

Understanding Augmented Reality (AR) in Warehouse 

According to industry reports, the warehouse automation market is valued at over 23 billion U.S. dollars in 2023. Moreover, it is expected that it will continue to grow in the following years. Emerging trends are the major reason for the ongoing growth of the market. 

Augmented Reality is an emerging technology which enhances the real world by adding interactive information. To streamline processes in warehousing, AR never fails to provide real-time data and guidance to workers. 

Workers in warehouses make the best use of augmented reality glasses to get a better idea of the warehouse’s layout. Augmented vision order picking is one of the great ways to determine whether any adjustments are feasible. Warehouse managers can get all the necessary information or can make improvements to the inventory. 

Proper implementation of the Augmented Reality trend in warehouses bridges the gap between the real world and the world of fiction. Therefore, a custom application development company recommends using upgraded software to analyze the object and to show you detailed information about the object. 

How AR Can Transform Order Picking? 

Traditional order picking can come up with various challenges such as high error rates, time-consuming processes, worker fatigue, training and adaptation and much more. However, the Augmented Reality trend addresses all these challenges. Warehouse workers can get real-time information and visual guidance. 

According to the professional team of a VR app development company, the below-mentioned are some of the best ways through which AR can streamline order picking: 

  • Hands-Free Operations: Smart AR devices such as glasses provide instructions to workers without holding paper lists or handling any other devices. Therefore, through Augmented vision order picking, workers can enhance their safety and efficiency. 
  • Visual Guidance: The upcoming technologies can display visual cues. AR can indicate arrows to direct the shortest path to the item’s location. That’s why, it overall reduces the time spent to search items. 
  • Access to Real-Time Data: One of the best advantages of incorporating emerging technologies is that it provides real-time access to data. You can get details of inventory data, order details or even picking instructions. 
  • Error Detection: AR helps to confirm the correct item and quantity visually. Therefore, there are less chances of errors. Along with that workers can get immediate feedback for their actions. 
  • Enhanced Training: AR accelerates the training process which streamlines various operations in warehouses. The Augmented vision order picking provides intuitive and interactive guidance to new workers. It will be easy for them to learn the procedure and layout within a short period. 

Transforming Item Picking With AR 

Choosing the functionality pack for your AR software can be a challenging task. However, you need to consider multiple factors such as the square footage of your warehouse, vertical space, number of staff, their work experience and many more. 

Warehouse owners should pay high attention to the features addressing the current challenges. Thus, you can add new features after getting the positive effect of AR support item-picking. Here we have mentioned some new features : 


If your warehouse is larger than 1,00,000 feet, navigation is a necessary feature. This is because the workers can easily move the warehouse vehicles. This feature is also beneficial for a medium-sized warehouse as it helps new trainees understand the warehouse layout properly. The AI navigation works simply. 

The workers can use smart glasses to open a list of items. Within a minute, the trainee can get the uploaded list because of the WMS built into the software. It will help them to figure out the easiest way to get the required items. The workers will get all the instructions as a virtual layer on their glasses. Other features such as supplementary voice-over with basic commands can also be added. 

Locating an item 

After the navigation feature, this will be the next step in your AR app’s functionality pack. Once an employee has arrived at the location, the app will locate the item by pointing at it. If the warehouse doesn’t require navigating instructions, this can be the very first step. 

The Augmented reality software analyzes the items. After that, the employee can use their devices to scan the area. The app will automatically point to the area of requested code group items. Next, the app can perform verification through barcode reading. Therefore, it eliminates all the possibilities of errors. 

Barcode Reading 

Integrating the barcode reading system with the AR app allows barcode readers to automatically send data to the app. Moreover, by using the most appropriate software, a smartphone can be replaced by a barcode reader. A leading VR app development company can provide services to help you create ideal AR-driven software. 

Workers have to select between the two scanning modes. If they choose to check in, scanned items will be added to WMS. On the other hand, if the item is for picking, the app will show complete details about it. The result of this is that it saves time and reduces errors.  

Final Thought : 

In conclusion, emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality are transforming order picking in warehousing. Implementation of AR provides real-time information, and visual guidance and detects errors. The Augmented vision order picking has successfully addressed all the major challenges and transformed warehouse operations. 

As the latest technology continues to evolve, more companies are adopting AR to stay competitive in the app development industry. Another reason for its major popularity is that AR software provides navigation, reduces the time of item search and verification and provides relevant data. 

Warehouse owners can have customized apps that will be ideal for their warehouse management scheme. All you need to do is contact a reliable custom application development company for the proper execution of your project.  


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