Top security applications for Android

Android Security Apps
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Some time ago, I explored the top security applications for the iPhone, so it was time to do the same for Android smartphones. With security apps for Android, I focused not only on ratings and recommendations, but also on finding accessible and easy-to-use android security apps that don’t weigh in on your budget!

G Cloud Backup – data protection and backup. (Free)

Backup G Cloud – Top Android Security Apps in the United States, on average, a device is lost every 3 seconds. Therefore, you need to back up all your data to a cloud location.

With G Cloud, Droid users can back up all phones and tablets under one account. Simply select data such as SMS, contacts, call logs, documents, settings, photos, videos, and music. The app performs daily smart automatic backups in Amazon AWN cloud storage when WiFi is available, the phone is connected, or there is a long battery life.

One GB of storage is provided for free, which is usually enough for most devices. However, you can also gain up to 10 GB of free space. And if you lose, damage, replace or update your Droid, this app provides an easy recovery from phone to phone.

Android Security App
Android Security App

Application Lock (HI AppLock) – Application lock and privacy tool. (Free)

Lock application (HI AppLock) – Top Android Security Apps There are some really interesting applications, from games to social networks to business. In fact, I have a phone on the phone that I couldn’t live without, and I’m willing to bet on you too! So are yours protected?

The blocking application can block any application to protect your privacy with a password and to prevent the loss of confidential information. Others cannot change phone settings, games, etc. A 1/3/5 minute re-lock function can prevent hackers from completing the destruction they would have started.

Useful tips for this application?

Enable “Notification” to prevent the System / Task Manager from closing the application. and

Check “Add to device administrator” to prevent Lock Lock from being uninstalled.

Cache Cleaner application – deletes files from the cache. (Free)

Cache Cleaner – Top Security Apps for Android is it time to clear the droid’s cache? Every time you visit a website, web browsers save tiny files on your smartphone, which makes the site load faster the next time you visit. Sounds like a good thing, doesn’t it? Not necessarily, because if your smartphone is hacked, the hacker knows what websites you’ve visited and can access your login IDs, passwords, bank information, and other confidential information.

I recommend clearing the cache every time you close your browser. With the Cache Cleaner app, you can easily do this with a faucet, so you no longer have to root your droid!

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