How to fix Script Hook v Critical Error in GTA 5

script hook v critical error

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GTA 5 has for several years maintained a leading position in the popularity rankings. However, the process of updating the game to a new version presents some difficulties. The Script Hook V Critical Error window is often removed to indicate that the game version is unknown. Let’s find out what you can do about this error.

Script Hook v Critical Error

Cause of error

Script Hook V is an important game library. Run scripts that have the .asi extension. When updates are released, the corresponding update for library files does not occur, so this window appears. Remarkably, you can download the library 2-3 days after the GTA 5 add-on is released.

This problem is more common for owners of licensed product. In pirated copies, there is also a crash due to discrepancies between the game and library versions. Despite the similarity of the causes, the method of treatment is slightly different.

Correct the problem

So either way, you’ll need a fresh version of the Script Hook V script library and reinstall it. How do I do it?

  • Open your browser and go to where we downloaded the library.
  • Before downloading, check if the library’s release date is the same or after your GTA update. Otherwise, wait 2-3 days and come back here.
  • Open the downloaded file. Inside the “bin” folder, and in it there are 3 files: dinputdll, NativeTrainer.asi, and ScriptHookV.dll.
  • It should be copied to the main game folder and replaced.
  • Note that the dsound.dll file is not located in the game directory (delete it). This is.

Correcting the error in the licensed copy

So if you really want to play and there are no updates in the library, there are two options:

  • Roll back the game to the previous version;
  • Delete the previously copied Script Hook 5 files (in this case, the modes will stop working and the modified object models will need to be reinstalled).

Undo is done by removing the installed game. The saved and modified files can be moved to another location. Then we put the basic version and activate its update and as soon as we reach the version that interests us we deactivate the automatic update

Removing the Script Hook V script will cause all modes (and this is the most) to stop working. In this case, you must delete your files; It has the extension .asi.

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What do you do with the pirated copy?

If downloading the library does not help, you have to wait for the tablet to update. The drug refreshes quickly, so you won’t have to wait long. As with the license, you can remove the library, but this will disable mods and may affect game stability. This is a visual error correction video.

These steps will help fix Script Hook V Critical Error in GTA 5. We recommend disabling automatic updating and after add-ons stay for a few days, then update. This solution will avoid many problems, without interfering with the enjoyment of the game. If you know what to do in a situation like this, or have comments, please put it in touch.

Script Hook v Critical Error in GTA

Two best solutions for Script Hook V Fatal GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), the second best-selling video game, is a popular action-adventure game developed by Rockstart North. It is played from a third person or first person perspective.

The good news is that the game is available on many platforms, including PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. And in late 2021, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X releases are scheduled to launch.

Recently some users playing GTA V on Microsoft Windows reported a window showing Script Hook V Fatal Error when trying to run the game. The error comes with the message “Unknown version of the game” and they cannot open the game due to this error. It even happens offline.

Why does the Script Hook V fatal error occur? In fact, Script Hook V is the library that allows native GTA V functionality to be used in custom * .asi plugins. However, it is not supported by the game developers and the application is considered cheating. So when updating GTA V, Script Hook V will be fixed. That’s why I ran into the fatal error.

How to solve the problem and play GTA V again? You can refer to the following solutions.

Solution 1: update Script Hook V

Script Hook V also keeps releasing new updates all the time. When you can’t open GTA 5 due to a critical Script Hook V error, the first thing to do is update Script Hook V and install the latest patches.


Here’s how to do it.

  • Step 1: Search for Script Hook V in your browser and download it from a trusted website.

Note: make sure Script Hook V is compatible with the latest version of GTAV.

  • Step 2: Open File Explorer by pressing Win + E and extract the downloaded zip file and open the bin folder.
  • Step 3: Copy and paste all the files inside the bin folder in the GTA V installation folder to replace the old files.

Copy the files to the bin folder

After the Script Hook V update, you can play GTA V again and check that the fatal error has been removed.

Solution 2: revert the game to a previous version

If the developers of Script Hook V have not released a new version after updating the game, you can resolve the fatal error in Script Hook V by reverting the game to the previous version.


You can refer to the following steps.

  1. Get the Zip to downgrade GTA V from the website.
  2. Extract the downloaded files, copy the GTAV and GTAVLauncher application and paste them into the installation folder of the GTA V game.
  3. If there is a pop-up window reminding you that the destination already has the file, select Replace file in destination.
  4. Copy the downloaded update, the RPF file and paste it into the Updates folder inside the game installation folder.

Now you should revert GTA V to the previous version. And you can run the game to check if it works properly without errors.

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