Road Rockers: The Best Endless Runner Game Available On Android

Road Rockers

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Are you a fan of Subway Surfers and Temple Run and looking for a similar yet interesting runner game? Then, my friend, you have come to the right page because we will be discussing the best adventure game played in the UAE named Road Rockers. 

With time, people have evolved briskly in setting their favorite game’s genre. It all started with racing games, then moved on to the first-person shooter and likewise kept improvising with their taste of genres. In the chaos of other genres, endless runner games started making their own place and soon stamped the authority among the best online platform games.

It is a thrilling game with high-end graphics to delve you into the water of joy and amusement. The online platform of Road Rockers offers a notorious group of freestyle players who only have one motive in their minds, and that is to win.

The evolution of endless runner games

An endless runner game falls under the category of action games. These games are linear in design with no end, pauses, or breaks for rest and no changing levels. However, the runner’s speed keeps on increasing as you earn a lot many points.

These games portray different venues including, paths, streets/roads, or railroad tracks. As the game speeds up, the player’s character appears to run faster and faster as if on a giant treadmill. Obstacles approach faster and faster, and you have to overcome these obstacles with the sheer presence of mind, cat-like reflexes, and precision.

Endless running games controls comprise the most basic ones that include, swiping up and down, right and left. Some of them also incorporate “tilt-control” to swing the game character from left to right and vice-versa. Games like these tend to have a low retention rate because early engagement and short play times are met quickly with outrageous difficulties and barriers to progress. Few things are more demotivating than that. Level progression is linear and repetitive with very little variety along the way. This technique was used in the early coin-operated arcade games, where storage limitations forced games to be short in length.

Road Rockers Gameplay

Like any other endless running game, Road Rockers also features a player who runs down the streets and some beautiful crossways of the middle-east. In the process, the runner is chased by a cop. During his run, he needs to collect some coins, goodies, prizes, etc. that can be helpful in the gameplay.

There are many powerups as well that help you in your run. These include a backpack and a trademark. The vivid scenes and captivating visuals make the running quest epic, and you will just get mesmerized playing the game.

It might be right if I say that this game helps you in boosting your skills and allowing children to use their imaginations while growing their mental strength, quickness as well as expressive strength. For parents who know the importance of playing mobile games to broader the mental stability of their child, Road Rockers is an apt choice.

Road Rockers features

The endless running game is leveraged with some immersive features. Some of them are,

• The streets of new Arabia offer you some tricky challenges and traps that you have to cope up with throughout the run. Keep running through all the obstacles, earn as many coins as you can throughout the path to boost your skills.

• You can upgrade yourself every time you collect the gold. The coins collected help you in gaining new abilities and speed up the process. You can also get some goodies and gifts during the run that act as a power booster.

• This game is the best way to explore the modernized Middle East cities in the world. The immersive graphics of the app makes it truly impressive. So, if you wish to take a ride of the beautiful middle-east in a whole new manner, get going with Road Rockers.

Why Road Rockers?

It is high time to wear your running shoes for a blockbuster crossway run in the middle-east. It is one of the best epic endless runner games that will challenge you to the fullest.

The graphics are immersive that will keep you engaged for a long time, and the UI is easy to command. If you are a fan of Temple Run and Subway Surfers, this game will take you on a fun ride in the streets of the middle-east. It is hands-down one of the best epic runner games in which you come across various challenges and how the local police come up with new ideas to try to stop your operation.

Time to wrap up: 

With some outstanding features and cool gameplay, Road Rockers should be installed on your smartphones. The ultimate objective of the game is to unlock the speed of a true road rocker through a world trip. Do not miss the fun and get yourself started playing Road Rockers.


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