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Game Saleable: The mobile gaming industry is booming and is generating off the chart revenue. According to Statista, global mobile games revenue will reach 102.8 billion U.S. dollars, up from 77.2 billion U.S. dollars. 

This has attracted many people/businesses/companies to develop their own mobile games and earn revenue. Nowadays, games are not only developed as a source of income, but they are also developed as a source of marketing by various brands. 

The mobile gaming industry has reached a new height, and therefore, this has given rise to competition in the market. 

Successful publishers like “King,” “SAGA” and “Good Job Games” are developing and releasing new games every week, and therefore games of newcomers in the mobile gaming industry are going unnoticed. 

This is why various newcomers search for different tips and tricks to have more downloads in their mobile game. 

More opportunities generate more downloads 

To make your game more downloadable and more saleable, the game should itself be good enough to deserve that. 

Just think about the time when you played Pokemon Go for the first time, and if you have not played the game yet, do play the game to understand this point. 

When the Pokemon Go game was launched, the first impression of the game was enough to understand that this is a next-level game and it will break and create various records. 

The Gameplay, the storyline, the graphics, the features, and everything about the game was so unique and extraordinary that the game was bound to become a phenomenon. 

In simple words, the game has to be good enough to score more downloads and become saleable because a bad or an average game won’t become scalable. 

This can be ensured in the development process of the mobile game. 

Essential aspects to consider while Mobile Game Development

The idea is the key to the game’s success

All the successful games in the market are based on a great idea. The idea’s uniqueness is also a key as there are various candy matching games in the market, but Candy Crush is still the most dominating matching mobile game. 

Your game should be based on a unique idea and entertaining idea. If the game will follow a story, ensure that the story is bewitching. The last thing is the presentation, how your game looks and feels. 

Ensure that you work with an experienced game outsourcing studio that is capable of presenting your idea in the best possible way with the help of character arts and 3D graphics to develop an attractive game for your game users.

Combine different technologies:

Technology is developing and improving every day. They have transformed the way we play games and how a game looks and feels. Developing a 2D game and competing with the 3D ones will be a real pain for you, and therefore you should make sure that you utilize the latest technologies to develop your game. 

Cross Platform Compatibility:

The last aspect is the platforms that you target. To increase the number of downloads of your mobile game, make sure that your mobile game is compatible with all the leading platforms. 

The platform that the targeted audience uses will be different and therefore make sure that you release your game on all the platforms that your targeted audience uses. 

Marketing Strategies to increase the number of downloads of your game and to make it more saleable:

List your game in the coming soon section:

App stores are flooded with games. There are fewer chances of users finding your app in such huge lists. 

However, if you research the app stores, you will find that the shortest listing of the app store’s games is in the “coming soon” section. 

There will be hardly 20 games in that section, and therefore, this is the perfect section to list your game on to attract various users’ attention. 

A great person has said that you should sell the product first and then develop it, and therefore you will have a good idea of the demand for the product. Likewise, when your game is under development and you have the prototype, you should list your game in the coming soon section of the app stores to attract customers before the game is completely developed.

Prepare a stupendous trailer:

In the world of 4G internet, video is the best form of entertainment and advertisement. You can perfectly showcase your product using a video, and this is what you should do with your mobile game. 

The trailer works as the best asset in attracting users and to spark interest. Cool graphics and animation, along with some killer soundtrack, can make the users fall in love with your game. An effective trailer will score a download as soon as the user finishes watching it. 

Make sure that you use clips from the real game, and the trailer should not be overemphasized. 

Reviews and feedbacks:

Many users download an app/game after seeing the reviews of them. Moreover, to get listed on app stores, you will have to score good reviews, or else your game will get lost in the game flooded app stores. Therefore you should try to get as many reviews from the users as possible. 

Moreover, reviews and feedback is a brilliant opportunity for you to make your game the perfect game. Rather than optimizing the reviews and feedback, you should consider them to refine your game as the perfect game that your audience wants. 

Create Forums of your game:

Provide all the users of your game a common platform that they can use to interact with other players and developers. This can become a cool club of your game and increase your game’s love for the players. 

The forum members will be able to comment positive and negative reviews both, and therefore you will have a safe and common ground where you can interact with all the players and act on the comments. 

Use this opportunity to interact with the players and turn all their negative reviews into positive ones.

Socialize your game:

Reach your audience using social media platforms. This has become a proven strategy to attract more users to your game. 

You should also include social media in your game to allow users to connect with their friends and family and to share achievements. If it is an online multiplayer game, then you must include social media integration so that users can invite their friends and family to play the game with them. 

The ability to play the game with friends and family makes the game more entertaining, and it feels much more comfortable. People will share the moments and achievements on social media, which will become an excellent publicity source for your game. 

Wrapping it up

Standing out in such fierce competition is a huge task. However, if you have developed a unique game and you follow an effective marketing strategy, your game is bound to receive recognition.

You can also send your game to famous publishers to launch your game with their name and benefit from their marketing and goodwill. 

Ensure that you get your game developed by a perfect mobile game development company that can transform and shape your idea into a trending mobile game. Various mobile game development companies also offer various marketing strategies to help you in effectively marketing your mobile game to make it saleable in the market.

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