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When we generally talk about mobile games, there are millions of options available on the Android and iOS stores. No one can deny fact that playing games are something that attracts every age group. Different people like diverse games, but if you are looking for games for your growing children that boost their skills and not are linked to fighting and all stuff, then you cannot overlook soap bubble games.

There are hundreds and thousands options available on the major platforms, and a lot of them are related to bubble buster games. These games are so admired that it’s the initial tab you see when you open the play app. In case you are looking for the best games then you are landed on the right page with us as with this write up we have made it easier for our readers to find the app of choice. We have curated a list of five apps that you can find in a handy. If you’re looking for some for the trendy games that are worthy of your time and concentration, these are the best five Android soap games you can find right now.

Tiny Bubbles

You will love to play with fluid clusters of soap bubbles in this enticing puzzle game. It is time to drive up, combine, match, burst, and answer. There are hundreds of levels to complete. Give your child brain a boost by playing this workout session game that improves your kids learning power. The app initial levels are easy to play, but with each level, it gets more challenging. The color-blind mode and intrusive icons add more fun to the game.


  • Color-blind mode
  • Satisfying sounds of popping bubbles
  • 35 bubbly achievements
  • 3 different game modes

Soap bubble

It is undoubtedly one of the Best Bubble Game 2020 that you can play free of cost. It is a newly released pioneering and known gaming apps. The save the spong game comes with the experience of soothing gaming experience. Kids love to play this game as Soap Bubbles in this android game make it a blend of entertainment and kid education. There are four options to play this game along with different themes that help in learning.


  • Over 1000 levels
  • Hand-made unique design
  • Cheerful Sponge
  • Free assistance feature
  • Diverse color sponges in the bubble

Bubble Shooter

It is among one of most well-known bubble shooter games available on the Android platform. Just like any other game, bubble shooter 2020 is liked by children due to its mastering features and challenges. This game is newly launched but has gained vast recognition in a short period. This app gives you the ability to overcome difficult Levels and attain a higher score!


  • Play 2000+ challenging levels
  • Can be played worldwide with teams
  • Interesting game
  • Different Items or Skills

Soap Buble Pop Game

When it comes to looking for bubble game free, then you cannot ignore soap buble pop games. It is a kind of balloon pop game. This android game is developed for kids and six-month-old babies. Once the game started it attracts the attention of users, and people love to play this game in free time. There are different bright colors of bubbles in the game and that too of different sizes on the screen. Your little one is going to adore the bubbles in the display, and your baby will burst flying bubbles.


  • Handy for mothers and fathers
  • Keep your kid engaged
  • Different colors
  • Different size bubbles
  • For infants under six months old
  • Animated bubbles

Soap Bubbles Fixiclub

You can help fixies to catch all soap-bubbles. In this game, you only have to touch them with your finger, and the bubble gets busted out. While playing this game, don’t let the soap-bubbles fly away and don’t overlook any soap-bubble. With this app, you can improve your skills to catch soap-bubbles with your hands. This app helps you to develop interest and response speed. A humorous game for kids with the Fixies gives adults some instant to unwind and take a rest.


  • Easy to use
  • User friendly
  • Different levels
  • Boosts skills and response rate


Overall, we can say that -the smartphone gaming sector is witnessing tremendous growth over the past few couples of years. With increasingly practical data prices and competent hardware at cost-effective price points, mobile app developers are continuously working hard to deliver robust gaming apps. At the same time, an astonishing amount of smartphone users know that Android is the home of all the games, and this platform is offering various features in the gaming apps.

It is obvious as Android is the main platform where most of the gaming apps launch. From past years, a mounting number of intensely twisted soap bubble has made their mode to Android in the previous few months. It is time to download the above-mentioned bubble game free now to take delight in its overwhelming features. While engaging your children with these soap bubble games, parents should also take some time to pay equal attention to the physical activities to maintain the health of your kids. 

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