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Fantasy sports applications are in high demand at the moment. Why is that? By 2026, Global newswire predicts a CAGR of 14% for app-based fantasy sports, with overall growth of over 119%. There are more than 45,9 million fantasy sports players worldwide, and demand for fantasy sports apps is growing rapidly.

Fantasy sports app development time and cost are determined by the number of features you want to include. Our goal was to include the features that your fans would appreciate, as well as those that are a must-have.

Key Features of Fantasy Application

The game of fantasy cricket is played through fantasy cricket apps. It is important to check out all the features offered by the fantasy app before choosing it. Our list includes all the top features you should look for in a fantasy game app. If you are new to fantasy cricket, you may find this information useful.

1. Information about teams and players

Having this feature is an important feature for any fantasy cricket app. A fantasy app should include a player profile that gives you all the information you need about the player. You can choose the right players for your team by exploring player profiles. Among the information in the profile should be the selection percentage, the performance at the last match, and the current form.

2. Information about the team playing XI

By using this feature, you will be notified if any changes to both teams’ starting XI are made. If you don’t stay on top of it as a fantasy player, you may lose key points.

3. Leaderboard of points

Fantasy points are scored as soon as a match starts in a fantasy app game contest. Players’ performances during the match determine how many points you earn. Fantasy points increase your ranking on the leaderboard, which in turn increases your chances of winning.

4. User-friendly interface and fast, smooth gaming

It should be effortless to play on the fantasy app, regardless of whether you are using the web version or the mobile version. An app for fantasy cricket leagues has the following features:

  • There is no loading time
  • Storage space is very limited

In a cricket fantasy app, you should be able to play seamlessly and the interface should be user-friendly. Matches can be selected and joined very easily thanks to an easy-to-navigate lobby.

5. Secure and safe at all times

Getting cash into your fantasy wallet and withdrawing your winnings must be easy and 100% safe. Online transactions must be conducted securely through secure payment gateways. 

6. Bonus codes and promo codes

There are many people who cannot invest large sums of money and may be able to enter contests with small amounts. Promo codes and welcome bonuses make great gifts for fantasy players. There are several bonuses and cashback offers available with fantasy apps like Howzat. Add money to your wallet or join a new contest to take advantage of any of those offers. Daily cash prizes can be won by playing fantasy cricket.

7. Multiple teams and contests can be created and joined

Fantasy premier league games can be won by joining multiple contests and creating multiple teams. Making multiple teams is always a better option than making a single one. To maximize your chances of winning, choose a match, create multiple teams, and enter multiple contests. 

It is more expensive to enter multiple cash contests. To help your cause, you can use Howzat fantasy’s promo codes and bonuses. You can maximize your odds of winning fantasy cricket with this underrated tip.

8. 24×7 availability of cricket matches

Fantasy cricket matches should be available 24×7, no matter what time you want to play. Fantasy cricket lists should include all major matches so that you can play whenever your favorite team is playing. 

9. Scoring in real time

It is imperative that all match scoring takes place in real-time, preventing unfair practices from taking place. Enjoy watching the match live as well as on the fantasy app when you create your dream team.

10. Cash games and practice games are available

Practice games are a good way to sharpen your gaming skills if you are just starting. Play cash games and win exciting cash prizes once you are familiar with the fantasy game platform and scoring system.

In fantasy cricket, selecting the right app can make all the difference. When choosing a fantasy cricket app, look for all of these features. Now is the time to act. Win real money with Howzat’s free fantasy cricket app!

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