Instagram Reels Hashtags: The Ultimate Guide

Instagram Reels Hashtags
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If you hear from any user that Instagram hashtags for reels are not relevant, you should conclude that they are not competent in this matter. Many experts’ analyses have shown that hashtags are effective for different pages on social networks. 

Depending on the purpose, there are different hashtags. You need to distinguish them and learn how to use them correctly. Most often, users want to get a lot of views and likes. The most popular hashtags will not give a guaranteed result, as this is a promotion tool that requires your time. Therefore, we recommend that you read this article. 

What is important to know about hashtags for Reels?

Users may have a strong desire to get a large number of views. However, this does not mean that they need to abuse hashtags. Before proceeding with this step, you need to come up with an interesting story, set a topic that users can discuss in the comments, work on good quality, etc. In this case, other people will appreciate your efforts and help promote your content. 

If you decide to work on hashtags, pay attention to the following tips:

  1. If the content of your video is related to a specific location, mention it in the hashtags. This allows you to reach a local audience. This advice is especially relevant for those who have some kind of business location with the merchandise. 
  2. Don’t use all kinds of Instagram hashtags you’ve seen or heard of. Match them to your content. 
  3. Experiment with hashtags. You can track the effectiveness of the hashtags you use on your own, which is the best option. Use different combinations of hashtags related to your topic and see how many views they bring. 
  4. Use trending Instagram hashtags. That is, those that are currently at the peak of popularity. It’s a good idea to support an initiative, as this can also increase your reach.

Hashtags should be distinguished by their frequency. High-frequency hashtags are those that have been used more than 100 thousand times. Medium-frequency hashtags have at least 50 thousand queries, and low-frequency hashtags have up to 50 thousand queries. It is important to combine them with each other. 


The popularity of hashtags may also depend on the language you use. Take this factor into account, as it determines which audience will come to you. The most trending hashtags are used frequently, so there’s a good chance you’ll be in the spotlight for just a second. Therefore, you should not blindly copy such a list.

Hashtags should be relevant not only to Reels but also to Instagram posts in general. They help not only users to find your profile for the first time, but also to navigate through specific topics for your followers. Some even create personalized hashtags for this purpose, which others do not have. If you’re already popular, you can create a unique and memorable hashtag. It can relate to certain promotions and contests, as well as a specific column that you regularly run. It’s not hard to come up with one, especially if you have a marketing and creative mindset.


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