How to make animated videos without having any background knowledge?

how to make animated videos

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Creating a perfect animated video has always been a difficult task for many motion graphic design companies, as they require specific tools, heavy software, and expertise.

However, various tools have simplified the video animation process as they are easy to operate and less time-consuming. This article will highlight some of the best-animated video tools, which you can use to create bewitching videos.

Types of animation videos

An animated video reveals business ideas, aims, and objects. It easily grabs the viewer’s attention without much effort.

Moreover, it increases sales and optimizes the website by just delivering complex ideas with appealing images and cool animations.

There are five types of animation videos having different styles and techniques mentioned below:

· 3D animation It is the art of generating motions and three-dimensional images. It helps us to develop props, vehicles, and digital characters. People frequently use it in TV shows, movies, and games.

· Hand Drawn is also known as 2D animation and traditional animation. It is a simple technique in which each frame is hand-drawn to give characters a realistic look. However, this technique became less dominant after the 20th century.

· Vector animations refer to the art of generating motions through vectors instead of pixels. These animations are more accurate than pixel animated videos because they are resized and presented through mathematical values.

· Stop motion is the filmmaking technique in which motionless objects are brought to life on screen by increasing the movements of objects.

· Motion Graphics are animated videos that create deception of motion by focusing on basic illustration and moving text logos. Also, it can be 3D as well as 2D videos. Even there are various platforms, which can help the user to create motion graphics videos.

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Best video animation tools

Here are some of the best video animation tools that can make the video animation process easy for you!

EWC Presenter

Easy Web Content Presenter is an HTML5 based web application that is not only used for animations but also for interactive infographics, web presentation, and creating banners.

There are simple steps to design an animated video with this tool. First, you need to use the drag-and-drop option to drag the objects on the blank slide or the available templates. After this step, you can add animation effects to your content, objects, and images from a dropdown list.

Moreover, these applications have detailed tutorials to guide you in each step and make the process smooth for you.

Make Web Video

Make Web Video is an online animation tool, which helps to create highly complex animation videos or HD videos in a few minutes.

Here, animated video can be created by only adding text content in the selected animated designed templates. Also, it is an entirely free tool that generates high-quality animation in a short time.


Vcasmo is also an animation tool based on HTML 5 that creates HD animation by combining HD images and videos. They can create high-quality videos and can improve your presentation, films, and clips.

Moreover, it creates a dynamic, powerful, and attractive presentation. Also, it is available online with some features. You can use its paid services to access all the features.


GoAnimate is another online creative animation tool, which has pre-designed animations for its users. This feature makes the tool time-effective.

Moreover, it makes your video animation process easy, and you can also add voiceovers. However, it is a paid tool and has a limited customized option for character development.


iClone generates high-quality animated videos. They can create 3D characters with facial animation, advanced lighting effects, and shadowing effects. Moreover, they have advanced templates to create animated videos easily and quickly.

Further, it is a user-friendly tool for 3D animations and engines. However, there is a limited option for character customization.


Moovly is also a video animation tool, which helps users to create videos by using various features. For instance, sounds, transitional effects, filters, pictures, and so on. Also, you can use different styles to design your animated video, and even you can publish your video on multiple platforms like Facebook or YouTube.

This tool is available on the internet at less cost, but it has limited transitional effects and has buggy software.


For beginners who do not know, video animation can easily use these tools for projects and business presentations. It will surely improve your SEO and help customers to understand your product or business idea.


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