How to Get Water Out of Charging Port

How to Get Water Out of Charging Port
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If water got into your charging port, use these 4 methods to dry your port and prevent water damage to your phone.

It is not uncommon for water to get into the charging port of your phone, no matter how careful you are. To protect your device and keep it working properly, there are a few methods that work well to remove excess water from your phone. Learn more about removing water from the charging port and the do’s and don’ts of drying the port to prevent corrosion and permanent damage.

What do you do right after your phone gets wet

  • Turn off your phone completely
  • Remove any accessories, such as headphones, phone case, or charger.
  • Place your phone upright with the port on the bottom.
  • Gently tap your phone against your hand to help remove excess water (do not shake).

How to get water out of the charging port

Here are some of the most common ways to remove water from a charging port:


Rice is the most common way they try to get water out of their phones. To dry the charging port, place your phone in a cup of dry rice immediately upon contact with water. Leave your phone in the cup for at least two hours or overnight before checking if the port is dry.

Vacuum hose

If you have a vacuum hose at home, you can use it to quickly get the water out of the charging port. However, be careful with this method as you may risk damaging the internal components of your phone due to the strong air pressure.


One of the quickest ways to dry out the charging port is to place your phone in front of a fan in a dry area. Concentrated air can help remove excess water quickly, especially when using higher speed settings.

Keep in mind that you’ll want to avoid any hot fans (like a hair dryer) because they can cause heat damage, melt the exterior of your phone, or bring your device to an unsafe temperature level.

Air dryer

If you’re outside and don’t have the option to use household items or dried rice, you can leave the phone face down and let it air dry. You should leave them in a warm, dry environment and avoid leaving them in the sun, which can cause them to overheat.

Also, if there is a large amount of water in your port, leaving it for a long time with water in it can potentially cause corrosion that will damage your phone.


If you have cotton at home (for example, cotton balls, swabs, or pads), you can try using it to get the water out of the charging port. To do that:

  • Turn off your phone
  • Wrap a small piece of cotton around a pin, needle, or toothpick
  • Insert the device into the charging port and move the cotton in circular motions to remove the water inside.
  • Then lay the phone flat and let it air dry before turning it back on.

How to know if the device has suffered water damage?

If your device does not work properly after cleaning the charging port, there is a possibility that water has entered the internal components of your phone and your device has been damaged by water. The internal components of a smartphone do not mix with water.

  • The device does not work
  • The phone gets hot
  • Slow loading of the application
  • Blurry screen
  • Non-functional amplifiers
  • SIM cards don’t work

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