Has MDM Become a Necessity for Companies?

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With the introduction of several new technologies, organizations found it difficult to manage and secure their data. In the past two decades, MDM has been the life savior for companies, which has helped manage the data within and outside the organizations and extended its features by securing the data in the different devices used by the employees.  

With the upgrades in the MDM solutions and MDM apps, IT teams can cope with the versatility of the devices and data developments.

What makes MDM unique?

The primary goal of enterprise MDM is to make businesses concentrate on expanding the performance of their employees by not only providing them with access to the corporate data via the company devices but also through their own personal devices without the worry of any malware or theft to the data and devices. MDM solutions can assist with this flexibly and smoothly. So here are a few benefits of MDM that enable businesses to achieve their goals: 

  • Ease of deployment – MDM systems can be installed on-premises or on cloud platforms, giving businesses the flexibility to choose the deployment strategy that best fits their needs. 
  • Efficient integrations – The MDM solutions work in combination with support desk software, mobile apps development tools, and other corporate applications. 
  • Manage a variety of devices – Simplified MDM app necessitates the management of many operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, tvOS, and Chrome OS, as well as various device types, including tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

Is MDM necessary for organizations?

Many firms have adopted the use of mobile devices to ease their operations by enabling access to corporate apps and platforms, participating in voice or video calls, and accessing business networks in recent years. 

MDM is a security initiative that an organization can consider if the employees are required to access corporate data through mobile devices since there could be serious security threats if a single mobile device with network connectivity and access to sensitive data is stolen or lost. 

Suppose an MDM app is not configured to offer the required security. In that case, the device loss could result in the loss of sensitive data and information of the organization and the customers (such as credit card details or personal information), ultimately resulting in a considerable cost and compliance and security breach lawsuits. 

Working from home is the new normality across the globe, and almost 90% of the organizations are giving their employees the option to work from home than ever before. This has led the employees to work on a vast range of devices from any location. The company data and applications that employees have to access as and when required over any network posed a distinct threat to corporate data security.  

It is vital for companies with a significant number of mobile devices, especially those working with sensitive data, to consider deploying a mobile device management solution to protect organizational data and devices.



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