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Remote working has increased among offices since last year because of the covid-19 situation that has led to a global pandemic. Since people cannot come to the office, businesses choose an alternative, and that is working from home. Of course, there are restrictions and problems, but solutions are only formed when there are problems.

Regardless of the current situation, there was independent business in the past that are operated from home. It saves time and money from renting and running a commercial office. But the problem is managing each employee with such distance. You can’t have access to their work schedules and know where they are during office timing.

But you always have other options to figure out whether your employees are working in favour of the company or wasting your time. There are advanced tracking apps developed for such purposes. You can now monitor every move of your worker sitting in a remote area. The employee monitoring apps have an undetectable feature that helps employers to track staff activity. The important part is to choose the right one because spying on employees is a sensitive matter that needs serious consideration.

TheWiSpy employee tracking app:

TheWiSpy is a highly secure spy app for android that works remotely; you can track your team with this software anytime. The working of employee tracking app is extraordinary yet straightforward; you can view high-quality results with an easy interface. All advanced features for spying are available within a few clicks, and boom, you have access to the whole target device and its data.

You must get the official app installed on the employee’s device, and then you can track any information. The steps are simple, and a person with any technical background can learn quickly. It is in your hand what to choose according to your individual needs. It is essential to figure out what you want from a tracking app, and then you can get a subscription. You can track secretly as well because the app works in incognito mode.

Why are spy apps essential for remote working?

It is nearly impossible for the owner to get live updates of his team while sitting in a remote area. There is a lot of effort and money invested in a business, and you can let a lazy or traitor employee ruin years of hard work. There are many reasons to use an employee monitoring app for remote workers, but here are the leading causes of an employer to use spy apps.

1.      Increase productivity within employees:

It doesn’t matter if employees work from home or the office; it is their responsibility to give their best regardless. But not every worker is loyal to their job; they often make excuses or tell lies, which affects the office’s productivity. But with the help of the employee monitoring app, you can track the workers’ activity during office timing and increase productivity gradually.

2.      Put efficiency in work:

It is usual for things to delay when employees are working far from your sight, but it doesn’t mean you have to compromise with it. You can use spy apps for android that works remotely to keep a record of employees and how they’re spending time on each project. It can help you divide the task better and boost efficiency.

3.      Offer security to sensitive data:

Every company has some sensitive data that needs protection. No matter how much you trust your employees, it would be best if you still were cautious. THEWISPY tracking app will control the transactions of the company data and keep an eye on every employee with the help of advanced features. You can secure the information without offending anyone and keep away troubles.

4.      Track down employees when needed:

It is a massive issue for remote employers to track down employees; it is always uncertain whether they’re doing office work or attending to house chores. But when you have installed the spy app on your employee’s device, you can track them down. There is a feature of GPS tracking that you can use.

TheWiSpy- How to ensure employees working during work hours:

It is tricky because employees can trick you easily but not when you have TheWiSpy employee monitoring app installed on your target device. It will help you monitor the teammates and encourage you to manage them for better results. There are more than 30 employee tracking features in  TheWiSpy app. You can select features from different packages that suits your business.

·         Set deadlines on projects:

You can’t get things done on time when you’re away, you can’t either monitor your employees’ progress. Sure, you can get the daily report, but that isn’t enough. TheWiSpy offers management tools for the users that can help you set deadlines. The app will generate instant alerts in case of delay and vice versa.

·         Monitor employee activity:

You can monitor the live activities of your employees using TheWiSpy employee monitoring app. It has unique features such as internet usage tracking, watching google history, and many more. You can record live conversations and listen to them later to ensure whether your employees are working or wasting time.

·         Track communication sources:

One of the primary things that can help you get ensured about your employee’s work is keeping track of their communications. The source of communication is calling, texting, and emailing. TheWiSpy offers an advanced feature of monitoring all of the sources, and you can view charts, track call history, and block contacts.

·         Monitor social media usage:

People get distracted by social media very often, especially when they’re working. You should monitor employees’ social activity, and TheWiSpy allows you to do that. You can view chats of the accounts, view what they searched, and either they are active or not. Control the social media usage or restrict accounts to make them work more focused.

·         Track office tools:

Most work is done on office tools, and you can figure out how much time your employee spent working. You can now track these tools using TheWiSpy app. You can evaluate employee performance based on the outcomes. You can fire a worker or promote on their work basis.

·         Hack current location:

You can know in seconds where your employee is at the time of the office through TheWiSpy GPS location tracker. When you activate the feature, it processes the device and shows real-time location instantly.

Final words:

As an employer, your main goal should be to ensure proper staff working and making strategies to take the business towards success. When it comes to remote working, things get a little different and challenging. So it’s wise for you to get an alternative solution, which is for sure an employee monitoring app.

As the technology has updated to the point that a person can run a business from home, there are also high-quality spy apps to help them monitor their employees. TheWiSpy is the number one spy app for android that works remotely. You can track every activity of your teammates from a remote area. Just purchase the app and ensure that your employees are working correctly. You don’t require to nag them anymore for meeting deadlines because you’ll get instant alerts with TheWiSpy app.

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