The Fastest Shopify Themes to Speed up your Website

Fastest Shopify Themes

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Naturally, you want a Shopify theme for your store that is attractive, adaptable, and simple to use. But have you ever considered loading speed? Shopify theme’s loading speed matters, especially if you’re planning to Shopify development as an eCommerce store and expect to receive tons of traffic. When users visit your website and the page takes too long to load, they may lose interest or click away from your site. 

An ideal solution would be to choose a Shopify theme that’s fast, secure, and SEO-friendly. Today we’ll show you the 05 fastest Shopify themes for 2022 that will help boost your site speed and rank higher on Google.

What are some ways a Shopify theme can speed up your store?

What distinguishes a quick Shopify theme from one that is slow? So, let’s look at some of the things Shopify themes do to ensure that your store loads as quickly as possible.

  • Cleaner CSS and inline CSS: The visitor’s browser will only need to download one file instead of two – making the loading speeds quicker. It will reduce page load time and let you rank higher on Google.
  • No relying on external libraries: Numerous themes continue to use the out-of-date jQuery JavaScript library, which is known to result in slower page loads. Fast Shopify themes can reduce load times because they don’t rely entirely on external libraries.
  • Less code: The fewer lines of code, the faster your site is. Skipping over unnecessary code can increase load speeds on a theme because it will only download needed files. That will let you rank higher on Google.
  • Minimalistic design: A minimalist design means less work is needed to load the code and design, resulting in faster load times. This is especially important if your site will likely receive a lot of traffic, letting you rank higher on Google.
  • Optimised images: Using optimised images and graphics within your Shopify theme can decrease the loading speed, but the difference isn’t usually as significant as you think. Shopify themes often exceed Google PageSpeed recommendations for image quality.

Top 5 fastest Shopify themes to increase your site speed

Here are the top 5 fastest Shopify themes that will help you boost your site speed and rank higher on Google:

1. Booster – the fastest Shopify theme:

A zero-dependency theme with a strong emphasis on speed is called Booster. With all of its code written from scratch by the True Scalable team, it did a fantastic job in our PageSpeed results, clocking the highest scores out of all compared themes. The fastest Shopify theme available right now is Booster.

Booster includes a built-in solution that optimizes images automatically according to size and has almost zero impact on load time. This is handy to keep your page clean and good-looking even with a lot of traffic. Also, it can increase the rankings of your products surprisingly quickly.

2. Shoptimized – fast Shopify theme for top conversions:

The Shoptimized theme is speedy and was developed by conversion rate expert Bradley Long with one primary objective: ensuring that you maximize the sales from your store. As you are already aware, user experience includes speed. Thus, the theme’s success in the PageSpeed tests was no surprise.

Additionally, it is also very flexible and easy to customize, so you can easily create a variety of different look-and-feels for your store. Nearly 30 conversion-boosting features, including designs, coupons, product filters, and more, are included in Shoptimized as part of a single package. The theme can be easily installed and is highly suitable for stores of every type and size.

3. Plak – fast and customizable Shopify theme:

Plak is a clean and modern Shopify theme that boosts your eCommerce store. It features a simple design, a solid backend, and top-notch user support.

Plak wastes no time when it comes to boosting your eCommerce sales. The theme’s homepage has been extensively optimised for conversions. It includes powerful tools such as coupons, social network sharing buttons, popular/best/new categories filters, and much more.

In addition, Plak allows customization at both visual and code levels, allowing you to fully adapt the site to suit your needs and brand identity.

4. Debut – free and straightforward fast Shopify theme:

Debut is well-known to everyone—most of you have even used it! Yes, this is the original Shopify theme that everyone is familiar with. It won’t win any design awards, but you’re given a great base to work with, and some speed optimization features come as defaults, which most definitely shows in the strong base PageSpeed score.

Lazy loading and efficient CSS are active, and CSS and JS have been fully minified. Expect the best speed optimization improvements available because Shopify created and is continuing to maintain this theme. Debut sites frequently outperform other pieces in SEO; on occasion, it’s best to stick with the tried-and-true method and choose a quick, dependable choice.

5. Shella – modern, fast Shopify theme:

Sella is a modern and beautiful theme designed to showcase your products in a visually striking way while making it easy for your customers to find what they’re looking for. It has many responsive design solutions and a super-clean layout that works well on any screen size. 

As you may have guessed from the appearance, Shella is also optimised for speed. It includes graceful image loading where only necessary images are loaded depending on the viewport size, which allows you to save bandwidth without paying the penalty of slower load times. Additionally, the theme uses a gentle CSS delivery with a max-age of 1 day and even includes PageSpeed Insights support.


The above are the top 5 fastest Shopify themes that will help boost your site speed and rank higher on Google. Selecting one fast Shopify theme is an excellent start to success, but make sure that it has all the features and Themes you need for your eCommerce business. And also one of the most crucial steps to take care of your eCommerce store’s performance by Shopify site support to get your stores running smoothly and securely. The secure and fast Shopify theme helps improve the reliability of your shop. And also help to increase your shop’s conversion rate.

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