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The MS word format is no doubt one of the most commonly used document creation formats across the globe. There are certain pros of MS word, which make it so much popular, but at the same time, you must know about the cons of this format which urges users to change their files to PDF. Today even the most loyal users of Word would prefer saving their work in PDF after completing the formatting. This is because of many reasons that we are going to discuss in this post. There are many reasons why PDFs have the upper hand over Word, and below we have mentioned only the popular ones!

PDF is another popular format that is universally being used across the world for document transfers and storing. This is because of the pros of this format. Now the reasons we have discussed below would tell you why PDFs are preferred over Word. After reading these reasons, you can easily change Word to PDF by using free Pdf converter online tools. You just have to input the MS word files and hit the convert to PDF button. In less than seconds, your files would be changed to PDF without damaging their format.

Word documents cannot keep a stable format

One of the most important reasons why it is important to change Word to PDF is because word files don’t keep their format. The reason to use a word to PDF converter tool is to protect the format of your document. Word files, when they are opened on a different computer or device other than on which they were created, their format would change. Even if you are using the same computer but have changed your printer, you would see that the format of the original document would be compromised. In simple words, all your efforts wasted that you spend in formatting a file if you don’t save or convert it to PDF. To keep the format of the original file intact at all times and on all devices, you would need to change Word to PDF.

MS word exists in multiple versions (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016)

A big problem that you can face with Word files is that they exist in different versions. A document you have created on MS word 2007 version would not open in the same format on the latest version of Word and vice versa. On the other hand, the PDF format is the same for all versions. Ever since its launch in 1993, PDF files have been the same in terms of display and readability. It doesn’t really matter whether what version of PDF you are using, as they are all the same. This is one of the biggest reasons why you need to convert Word to PDF.

There are different word processors other than MS Word

A surprising fact for you would be that MS Word is not the only document creation or word processing format being used across the globe. There are dozens of other word processors being used by different people. So when it comes to sharing a document in Word, you always have to ensure that the other person has MS Word installed on their device for easy running. You don’t have to worry about this problem with PDF files. PDF format is a standard format that is being used around the world. One can open a PDF file even if they don’t have a PDF reader installed on their device. A device that doesn’t have PDF reading software would open the file on the browser. If you want to share your documents with a large readership, then you need to make sure that you convert Word to PDF!

Word files are not at all secure

Another big con of MS Word is that this file format is not secure. Word files can be opened, accessed, edited and saved again by any user who has the file. So if you have a file having confidential information on it, then it is going to always be at risk of data loss or breach. You have to use a word to PDF converter to ensure that all the information in your files is secure. PDF files cannot be edited until and unless they are converted back to Word or any other document format. Also, know that PDF files can easily be secured with passwords. You can set your desired encryptions on PDF and lock your documents.

MS word files are not mobile friendly

Most of us today prefer shifting our day-to-day operations to our mobiles. Well, we are living in a world of digital products and gadgets, and so it is important that you keep up and shift your biz on mobile or your tablet. Most people convert Word to PDF just because word files are not friendly for mobile users. To open and use Word on your mobile, you would need additional applications which would not run properly as they are not a product of Microsoft. On the other hand, you should know that PDF format is universally compatible on all devices, including mobile. You can view and share them on mobile in the same way as you can use them on a desktop or laptop!

References can get lost in MS Word

The table of contents and citations are an important part of every document. Well, if you open a word file having references, table of contents, and citations on another computer or device, then there is always a chance that those references can become mismatched, which can make the entire document confusing. This is where PDF comes to the rescue. PDF files are capable of ensuring the format of a document along with the references!

Word files are larger in size

Another reason to use Word to PDF converter tools is if you want to optimize your storage space. Word files are a bit bigger in size as compared to PDF. Moreover, you should know that there is no such way of reducing the size of a word file, whereas you have free access to online PDF compressor tools, which can easily shrink the size of a file in less than seconds.

End words

These are some of the top reasons why it is important to convert Word to PDF. You can know more about PDFs once you start using them. You can save your word files in PDF format at the time of storing them or you can also use the digital word to PDF converter tools for this purpose. You can find dozens of free PDF converter utilities on the web today.

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