Impact of DNA Testing on Paternity Assessments

Impact of DNA Testing
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Rarely do circumstances arise that call for accurate DNA testing to show parentage. Since the mother who gave birth to the child is both the legal and genetic mother, determining maternity is frequently not difficult. Additionally, in many circumstances, this is the only proof needed. However, a paternity test can be very useful in determining fatherhood. Similarly to this, in order to determine the true nature of the relationship, scientists must move backward, such as from the baby to the claimed father. When DNA test kits weren’t available, several specific characteristics were examined to determine the biological father. Moreover, there are also some face recognition app that are created by FaceDNA that are free to use and they determine if two persons are genetically related with the help of imaging techniques.

However, this approach had numerous flaws, and one of them was that it produced inconsistent results. Consequently, a particular strategy, such as looking for particular genetic markers in order to establish paternity, has been used since the 1990s.

Blood typing used in paternity testing

Alec Jeffrey invented the DNA fingerprinting process in 1984, and it was made accessible for paternity testing in 1988. Parentage was established using blood types at the time. One of the best methods to observe Mendelian genetics in action is through blood types. Following that, there are numerous human blood types that include multiple alleles, and these alleles exhibit a variety of dominance patterns.

ABO typing is now referred to as the blood typing system. The ABO locus on human chromosome 9 encodes for detecting antigens on red blood cells in this process. The O allele is recessive in the ABO system, where the A and B alleles are codominant. There will therefore be two O alleles in a person’s blood if their ABO blood type is O. A person with blood type A may have two A alleles, one A allele, or both an A and an O allele. ABO blood type B also indicates that there may be two B alleles or one O allele and one B allele. Additionally, those with blood type AB describe they have inherited both A and B alleles.

The ABO blood typing procedure is utilized in cases of uncertain paternity to rule out a fake father. A person with type AB blood, for example, is unable to produce an O-type child since he would carry either the A or B allele to each of his offspring. No matter how helpful the ABO type is, it will never be the best way to use DNA testing to establish a child’s paternity.

The most well-known paternity case in history occurred in 1943 when starlet Joan Barry claimed that famed actor Charlie Chaplin was the father of her kid. Blood tests were utilized because there were no accurate DNA test kits available at the time, and they determined that Charlie was not the child’s father. The court, however, rejected these findings as trustworthy proof. The famous actor was consequently required to pay child support by the court. The laws were changed as a result of this case. As a result, a new era of forensic evidence began.

The use of paternity testing

In terms of genetic testing, there has been significant advancement over time. However, this progress is not just confined to the outcomes of these tests; many other assessing procedures have also been improved. For instance, DNA testing has improved to the point that it can now determine paternity using the DNA of a grandparent, a cousin, saliva on a cup of coffee, or even an unborn child. In court cases, various testing procedures are employed, such as forensic analysis. Direct customer tests, such as DNA testing kits, on the other hand, are not admissible in court.

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