How can you Entice Clients with Timely Emails and Arresting Content?

Timely Emails

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Many people have this common habit of checking the mail inbox as soon as they get up. You know you hit the bull’s eye when you get higher email open rates. However, you need to work if you are getting lower lead generation with minimal email opens. If you cannot attract your potential customers, your emails lack good content. Clients engage with your brand consistently when you offer something that brings value to them. Let’s dig deeper to find out tricks that attract customers through email marketing with timely emails. 

Constant communication 

Staying in constant touch with your customers goes a long way in attracting them to your brand. A good email marketing firm always suggests businesses maintain communication with their clients. You must know when was the last time a customer used your services. If your customers are not reaching out to you, you must reach out to them. You can bring them interesting discounts or coupon codes that provoke a response. Alternatively, you may send them reminders to buy a particular product or renew their annual subscription to your brand. 

Clear Call to action 

Including a CTA in your mail can help you fetch customers and increase your sales. The CTA must be clear and crisp enough to compel users to visit your brand website. You may play with words and display the best of your creativity to grab the users’ interest. When your readers find something too interesting to miss, they will purchase it from your business website. The CTA must direct them to act upon and convey a sense of urgency. Words like “last 48 hours” and “3-day sale” draw them towards your brand. 

Automated responses 

Many companies today are using autoresponders in their email marketing campaigns. These autoresponders respond to customer emails when they ask a query or need your help. While many businesses do not invest in this concept, you must send automated responses. Your customers know that your team is reaching out to them when they receive automated responses. Ultimately, it helps strengthen your relations with your customers in the long term. A customer knows what to expect from your team when they receive these automated emails. Some businesses use autoresponders to thank customers for using their services. 

Segmenting emails 

You must segment email lists before reaching out to your customers. It aids in sharing relevant content with your customers. While some customers are new to your business, others are already in a long-term relationship with your brand. You cannot send a welcome email to every customer on your email list. Similarly, you cannot send communication emails to customers new to your brand. An industry average email open rate is good for businesses with segmented email lists. 

Email frequency 

The pace of sending emails is different for every brand. While a business dealing in essentials might send daily updates, some other businesses may only send fortnightly. As there is no rule of thumb for email frequency, you must decide. If you send emails too often to your subscribers, they may unsubscribe and stay away from your brand. Contrary to this, maintaining a decent frequency of emails will help you in the long run. You may speed up or slow down the email sending rate according to the number of emails opened. 

Testing emails

One of the sensible ways of engaging clients is sending emails that open on mobiles. It is always good to test emails on various devices before sending them to your customers. This approach minimizes the chances of sending emails that display only half the content. Being in the business, you might craft emails that contain specific icons. If these icons don’t display on the mobile, the email is a waste. You might also use images of high resolution to improve the quality of emails. So, testing the emails will ensure they open on the mobile clearly and convey your message. 

Feedbacks matter 

A business cannot run well with poor services and bad-quality products. You need to check the quality of services and products you are providing to your customers. So, ensure that you obtain customer feedback regularly and put it to your use. This customer feedback will help you know what your customers expect from your brand. Furthermore, they will reveal the areas where there is scope for improvement. 


The best emails sent at the right time do not define the success of your brand. Implementing the strategy and upgrading your business contributes to your brand’s success. Your customers will gladly use your services as long as they get what they want from your brand.


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