4 Mistakes To Avoid When Editing Videos For Social Media

Editing Videos For Social Media

Last Updated on July 14, 2024 by Team Experts

Social media channels have now become the most powerful platform to showcase talent and other qualities to the world. Almost every social media platform does support short videos that encourage shooting, editing, and uploading and letting others know about them better.

Videos have become a powerful and great way to tell the story to the public and an essential video marketing tool. This is also the best way to engage with a larger audience. To create traction among the people regarding the video, it would be the right approach to make it with utmost creativity. However, some small mistakes may distract you from transmitting the right message through the video.

One thing is for sure that we all make mistakes, and beginners who are new in this field, they commit more mistakes than professionals. While producing the video for social media, they also repeat the same mistake, and this is how these mistakes can reduce the popularity of these videos. Since most business organizations use social media platforms for video advertising, it is crucial not to repeat the same mistakes. However, there are a few ways to correct the mistakes.

Before uploading the videos to social media, it is important to know when to cut or trim unwanted segments. Using a free video trimmer, this can be done easily. Videos that are mainly meant for social media are shorter than other videos. In these videos, every single second counts, and they ought to be rightly used to deliver the message. Though learning the ins and outs of cutting videos for social media will take time initially, it is crucial to learn how to avoid these 4 mistakes while editing videos for social media.

1.      Improper organization

Each social media user wants to let their audience properly understand the message. Like the different stories, it also needs to be rightly started, deliver the message in the middle of the video, and end with a proper takeaway. This is the way that someone can organize the video properly.

The video’s objective is to generate attention at the beginning of the video along with a personal introduction and then provide additional information to influence the viewers. The end of the video should inspire the viewers to click on the call to action. The biggest mistake you can make is to stack too much information and content into the short video without making an intuitive approach at the beginning of the video.

The best thing to tackle such issues is by following tips given by the experts. Clear all these messes in the first place and organize the video that can be enjoyable and deliver the message. While editing the video, you can use an MP4 trimmer to cut out the unwanted part of the video. When you are making any cut, listen to the video and especially that part a minimum of three times, and if you realize that this part must be omitted, then do that.

2.     Poor audio quality

There are several components involved with audio. These include background music, narration track, and computer audio. Each of the individual components ought to interact as a whole, and to ensure this; they must be clear and consistent. The audience will feel awkward if it is difficult to hear.

While working on the audio part, make one thing clear that the system audio shouldn’t overshadow the narration. This is the main reason experts recommend using the USB microphones for the narration rather than the built-in microphone in your device. It helps to record the voice originally. While recording the audio narration, make sure that the surrounding is completely quiet. After recording all these components of your video, you should play the video in front of your closed eyes to listen to the audio and make sure that it will impress the audience.

3.     Wrong music selection

Music adds delectation to the video. Without good music, the video can’t be attractive. The main objective of adding music to the video is to help express the emotions and the video’s tempo. On the other hand, choosing the wrong music for your video can ruin the entire charm. If you want to present an upbeat story but select a slow music track for it, it won’t be liked by the audience. Apart from it, some people also overpower the music in the narration, which draws the audience’s wrong impression. One thing is to keep in mind that, while making a video, the message and content should always go hand in hand to deliver the appropriate message.

It is best to test different music tracks for the video you are creating and check which one fits best with the video. If you found anything wrong with the music file and attached it wrongly, then use an online video trimmer to remove that particular section from the entire file. While editing a video, it is crucial to thoroughly listen to the audio and make sure that it will deliver the right that you want to transmit to your audience.

4.     Using many transitions

It will be quite interesting to know about the new editing tools if you are a beginner. Transitions are junctions that help the audience understand the entire story without skipping or any gap. However, using too much transition will make the video look messy, and it will rather attract a bad impression than a good one. When you are on a video editing job, it is best to add transitions till you have rightly placed most of your recorded video clips. To clear this mess, you need to spend more time thoroughly analyzing how to add transitions. Make sure that you use only single or double transitions for one video.

Wrap Up

Videos meant for social media are very sensitive, and therefore, they need special editing expertise to grab positive impressions from the audience. Knowing what to post and what not to, will save you from awkward situations and save your reputation.


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