How to Use Streaming Platforms and Benefits of Using OTT?

OTT platforms
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OTT platforms are emerging significantly these days. OTT platforms and streaming websites have got many users in the past few years. There are several reasons responsible for it. Moreover, there are several benefits of using these OTT platforms and streaming websites. Here is a general introduction on how to use OTT platforms, streaming sites for entertainment, the reasons for its popularity, and the benefits of using the OTT platforms.

How to use OTT platforms?

OTT platforms give an anytime and anywhere access ease to entertainment. Almost all the OTT platforms available demand a paid subscription to get unlimited entertainment. To use the OTT platform you need to have a smart gadget like a smartphone, a laptop, or in that case a smart TV. Any one of these you use needs to have internet access. You may download the OTT application or visit the web page of the OTT platform you want to use.

Then after you may first go for a trial period which is free of cost and usually ranges from 30 to 45 days. After that to continue getting the entertainment you need to buy a paid subscription to the OTT platform. Once you are done you just need to remember your user id and password so that you can log in and enjoy the entertainment.

How to use streaming websites?

Streaming websites like 123movies have got the same content that is available on any of the OTT platforms. But the major difference is that there is no need for a paid subscription to get yourself entertained. Alike the OTT these websites also need access to the internet and an android device or a laptop or a smart TV. On streaming websites, you do not need to create an account or pay any charge. They are completely free of cost.

Streaming websites usually are not applications that you can install. You need to visit these websites to get entertainment. On these websites, you can search for the series or movies you want to watch and click the download button. Once you do that you will be provided with a download link and then by clicking on the link your desired show or movie will be downloaded to your device within some time. The time is taken to download entirely depends on the size of the file and the speed of your internet.

Reasons for the popularity of the OTT platforms

Several reasons are responsible for the growing popularity of OTT platforms in the recent few years. Entertainment on OTT platforms like Netflix, Voot, etc., and streaming websites like 123movies have certain specific reasons for success or say popularity. Some of the major reasons are as follows:

  • Wide variety of entertainment
  • Entertainment from all over the world
  • Cheaper or cost-effective entertainment
  • Entertainment for every age group
  • Easily accessible entertainment.

Benefits of OTT platforms

 There are several benefits of entertainment on the OTT. Whether you get the entertainment on the OTT or stream the content on the streaming websites like 123 movies, both of them come with numerous benefits. Here is the list of those benefits along with a short description of each.

  • Cost-Effective entertainment: Entertainment on OTT platforms is although paid but the charges are much reasonable and lower than that of a TV charge or the cost of buying a movie ticket for a group of 4 people. Also, if one prefers to go completely free of cost then streaming websites are the best available options.
  • Easily accessible entertainment: The entertainment on OTT is available on carryable gadgets like mobiles and laptops. This enables you to enjoy entertainment from any place that has got connectivity to the internet.
  • Creative and new content: The content available on the OTT is way different from that on TV or traditional forms of entertainment. This freshness makes the OTT and streaming website content more popular.
  • Open platform: Since the content available is more so the projects available for the artists are also ore. Also, it is a great platform for new talents to introduce themselves and to grow.
  • A platform for international content: OTT like Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc., and the streaming websites like 123movies is a platform for international entertainment. It gives you an option to watch shows, series, or movies from all over the world. In short, it broadens your horizons for entertainment.

The advantages that the OTT platforms provide are the major reasons for its success. Moreover, the entertainment on OTT platforms gives refreshment to the older forms of entertainment. No doubt that the traditional entertainment options are doing good but it is unavoidable fact that OTT platforms are the future of the entertainment industry. And also they are the future of the mode of entertainment.


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