Why Use ATM Receipt Paper to Ease Business Operations? – Factors You Need to Know

ATM Receipt Paper
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ATM Receipt Paper: One of the most notable functions of an ATM is making banking extremely easy and fast for common people. Earlier, people would stand in queues to make their baking transactions like cash withdrawals, balance checks, bank statements, and any other queries.

Today we have ATMs where people can withdraw cash and check their balances and get a quick receipt for their transactions, that you can keep with you as a track record of your account balance or other transactions.

What is ATM Receipt Paper?

ATM paper receipt paper is a type of thermal paper used as receipts for ATM transactions. The paper is soft and smooth in texture and comes in white color. The use of ATM receipt is broad but not limited to only ATMs as it finds its applications in different other Point of Sales Systems.

The best thing is, you can have a variety of receipt rolls from reliable ATM paper rolls suppliers, and they won’t hesitate to provide a customized slot for different bank ATMs. On the top, the ATM receipt paper manufacturer can also customize the paper roll as per the given ATM receipt information by the associated bank.

Uses and benefits of ATM receipt paper

The use of receipt paper has grown radically for a few years. There was a time when the receipt paper rolls were used in ETR machines, and now the paper has become mandatory for ATMs. When you make transactions related to balance inquiry or mini bank statement, there are chances that you would need a written legitimate record in a printable format. Here, an ATM receipt is something that you can’t miss to have as a banking record.

Besides, you can’t ignore the benefits that make ATM paper rolls worth using as a preferable mode of record keeping.

1. One thing is sure: you’ll get high-quality and clear prints on ATM paper rolls than regular printing paper. The reason behind the clear printing is the special coating that gets into action when exposed to heat. Also, you can pre-print the paper with any color or security features.

2. It is wise to note that ATM receipt paper rolls do not quickly get damaged. These can come with a protective coating, helping prevent the receipt print from fading.

3. Thermal paper can go well with all types of ATMs, so you don’t need to find the particular brand or keep searching for the right ATM receipt paper supplier. The only thing you need to worry about is the size (length and width) and the core size of ATM paper for your ATM.

4. One non-deniable fact is, ATM thermal paper receipts offer multiple benefits to customers by keeping their account information handy. Having an ATM transaction receipt enables them to record any suspicious account activity, keep track of account balance, proof of purchase for an item, and keep physical records safe.

Let us tell you some more facts apart from these generic ones you would love to know about.

Scope to add value to your ATM thermal paper

ATM paper rolls are customized for different technology ATMs, including Vortex, ACG, NCR, Diebold, Hyosung, GRG, Sigma, and many more. Using supreme-quality thermal paper gives you high-quality printing output. The reason behind their high-definition prints is the result of the standard 58gsm, 55gsm, 65gsm, 60gsm thermal paper material.

You can even add more value to your thermal paper receipts with design artwork and customized tagline, company logo, coupon code, ATM advertising, and upcoming events.

Faster printing processing in ATMs

Automatic Teller Machines are sophisticated and designed to function at high speed. When used with these machines, Thermal paper helps achieve great print quality and an excellent customer experience. If you choose 80mm x 180mm x 25mm ATM paper, you will get clear receipt printing results within a few minutes.

If you use non-thermal receipt paper or bond paper for transaction receipts printing, you will need ink and ribbons to get the information printed. It won’t provide you high-quality printing results.

Shipping of thermal ATM paper all across the globe

Whether your business covers the United States locations or some others, you can avail BPA-free thermal paper anywhere across the world. You only need to find a leading manufacturer and supplier proficient in delivering premium quality ATM receipt paper or thermal paper in every location of the world.

Cross-check if the company uses multi-model shipping options to deliver thermal paper or ATM paper receipt rolls worldwide. Also, there should not be any restrictions when the consignment is shipped and delivered to the desired location.

The fact is if you choose a trusted thermal paper manufacturing company, you never face shipping and delivery issues as they take complete responsibility from ordering, packing, shipping to final delivery. You can rely on them to get your quality thermal paper safely delivered.

The facts mentioned above are enough to convince the uses and benefits of using ATM thermal receipt paper for a business. It’s something that you can easily afford to improve your business credibility and operational proficiency.

Now you know everything about how thermal paper is made, how it provides colors to the printing information, how it gets customized, how it works inside different machines to provide quick transaction receipt, and its scope and benefits for industries. What else you want to learn about BPA-free thermal paper?

Let’s conclude this discussion with an explicit statement.

Wrap up:

ATM receipt paper rolls play a significant role in increasing the operational efficiency of a business. This generates the need to purchase these rolls from the top-rated manufacturer of the industry. Ideally, you choose the one offering smooth, soft, and fine quality thermal paper, keeping the customized size in mind.

If you don’t get thick enough  ATM receipt paper, you can face paper crumpling issues during transactions. Be careful about what thermal paper you’re ordering to accomplish your ATM operations.

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