Tips to Choose the Best Primary School in Singapore!

Primary School in Singapore
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Primary School in Singapore: Singapore is inhabited by 186 primary schools. Each of them has its own attributes that will shape your child’s education in the right direction. However, choosing the appropriate one is quite complicated because you aren’t only just looking for an educational institution, but for an adaptive and comfortable environment for your child for the next 9-11 years. 

The availability of different factors can make it little possible in choosing the right primary school. For some, this is a prestigious educational institution with security and in-depth study of languages and still others want a school with an individual approach to each child. Many tutors and teachers also provide home tuition in Singapore for making them advanced in all fields.

Every parent wants to opt for a school that has gained popularity in Singapore. However, it’s necessary to consider a multitude of factors while ranking primary schools such as popularity in the registration, a Special Assistance Plan (SAP), representation in various Singapore national games and achievements in Youth Festival Arts Presentation and others.

Let’s discuss in detail how to choose the best primary school in Singapore.

How to Select the Best Primary School in Singapore


Let’s start with the fact that many ratings are compiled only according to formal criteria, which take into account everyday life. It includes the general composition of teachers, technical equipment, participation and victories of students in various Olympiads and competitions. But at the same time, no one will give you guarantees that teachers have excellent human qualities, and won’t explain whether the students are provided with a high level of education.

The school’s reputation is best told by the children themselves and their parents. Therefore, it’s worth talking to a considerable number of people to initially highlight the pros and cons of a particular educational institution and its teachers.


Location plays an important role in choosing a school for a child. Parents want the school to be close to home, and the child doesn’t have to travel a long way back and forth. But since for many parents this is not the main criterion, they often choose a school away from their child. Then keep in mind the interchange is convenient so that the kid can remember the path and then get there on his own.

At the same time, take into account all the details – how convenient is public transport and how often it runs, is there a traffic light at the ground crossing, and so on.


One of the main factors that parents are guided by when determining which school to choose is the organization of the educational process in it – how many school days a week, how many lessons per day, who studies in the first and second shifts. Pay attention to the workload of students, because there are schools where the workload is excessive. Such schools aren’t suitable for everyone. So, find out more information about the primary school that interests you.


If both parents are working and they have to be at work until the evening every day, having an after-school group at the school will be an excellent solution to the question of who to leave the child with. On an extended day, they can’t only look after the children but also make sure that they do their homework and eat on time. And children can also attend clubs and additional activities, sports sections. This is convenient for both parents and kids.


The neighbourhood near the school can also tell a lot. Pay attention to whether there is security, what is the state of the schoolyard, whether suspicious objects are lying on the territory and next to it or whether the school stadium is used for the entertainment of local residents.

Comfortable Atmosphere or Not?

Often, the first thing parents do is to find out what kind of repairs are in the classrooms and whether new computers are in the computer science office. And for the child, the special spirit that is present in the classroom among peers and in the educational institution is more important. After all, unfortunately, there are many schools where everything seems to be fine, but the atmosphere is absolutely not conducive to productive learning. Also, pay attention to the classroom design, the appearance of the booths and visual aids, and also what the teachers do when the kids play.

Wrapping Up!

Considering these above-mentioned points while choosing a primary school in Singapore can make it less worry. This further helps in creating the appropriate education system and enhancing the basic skills of your child. Whether you need to hire a math tutor or any other, many primary school teachers provide extra classes to students who are lacking in a particular subject. So, don’t forget to take into account these factors and be ready to notice a big change in your child’s daily activities. So, what are you waiting for? Take your child to a school that suits you and your child’s requirements.

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