When Should you Outsource Mobile App Development?

Mobile App Development

Last Updated on January 6, 2022 by Team Experts

According to a Forrester report, mobile phone users are likely to cross 5.5 billion by 2022. So, mobile apps have increasingly found their importance in driving business growth. Besides, the trend of digital transformation has made the companies haunt for creating mobile app development. But how will you build a mobile app for your business?

Well, you have two options for mobile application development:

  • Hiring an in-house team 
  • Outsourcing 

Undoubtedly, hiring an in-house team is a cumbersome task and takes time. On the other hand, outsourcing is the most convenient way to develop mobile applications. 

It is a cost-effective solution to develop a scalable application. Outsourcing mobile application development will help you boost efficiency and productivity. Besides, it will help you maximize the ROI too.  

But when should you outsource the development of mobile apps?

Let’s have a look at the situations when outsourcing is the best solution to develop mobile applications! 

1. Tight deadline of your project

Let’s say you want to build an app in a short timeline. In that case, you won’t have time to recruit a development team. Also, you don’t know whether they will be able to finish the project on time or not. 

In that case, outsourcing can be your saviour! A reputed outsourcing company will have a team of mobile app developers. And they have expertise in meeting tight deadlines for their projects. Besides, you can check the company’s clientele to know about their clients. This way, you can make sure that they have worked with companies belonging to the same domain. 

2. Dearth of expertise and skills 

Your team may not have the required skills or technical knowledge to develop mobile apps. Because developing mobile apps is not an easy task. It requires developers, UI/UX designers, QA, digital marketers, etc. Upskilling your present employees may take time. And honestly speaking, you need to speed up to stay ahead of the competitive world. 

But when you outsource to a development company, they will have a team of experts. They are already highly trained in recent technologies and trends. You just need to convey your requirements and they will build the app for you. 

3. In-house team is preoccupied with work

Let’s say you have an in-house team with the required skills for developing mobile apps. But they are already overloaded with work. If you assign the development work to them, their efficiency will reduce and so will productivity.

In this scenario, outsourcing seems to be the best solution! Let your internal team focus on core competencies. And the outsourcing company will develop the mobile app development as per your requirement. 

4. You want a cost-efficient solution

Hiring an in-house team means you have to pay for salaries, social security benefits, infrastructure, upskilling, etc. 

Outsourcing means you will have to pay for building the particular mobile app only. You are getting access to the best talents without going into long-term commitments. 

So, outsourcing will help you to cut application development costs by a substantial amount. 

5. You won’t be able to keep up with the rapid advancements in mobile development technologies.

Developing mobile applications requires technical tools and devices. And these tools will cost you a hefty amount. Perhaps, these tools and devices will be a one-time use for your in-house team. So, why will you spend so much money?

A reliable outsourcing development company will have such tools and devices in place. They will use those tools and their expertise to build your app a super one. 


As you can see, there are ample reasons for outsourcing mobile application development to drive your business forward. But make sure you are hiring a reputable development company that has experience and expertise in your business domain. Hopefully, you will achieve your business goals soon! 


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