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Whatsapp is without a doubt one of most widely used messaging service on the planet. It’s free, efficient, and has a customer base of almost 2 billion people, which is far larger than many other applications available. As customers looked for other alternatives after the acquisition, several new chat apps saw a huge increase in app downloads. Because WhatsApp is now becoming a part of Facebook, consumers appear to be interested in personal information. Since then, security has remained the most pressing concern for WhatsApp and other messaging apps.


Gbwhatsapp is a tweaked and improved version of the previous Whatsapp application. Even though there are no problems in the official version, it lacks some functionality and can be frustrating to use at moments. FM Whatsapp is a modified version of the classic application that includes handy functionality not seen in the original. Designers always hunt for the greatest software that gives us with the best functionality, regardless of whether we are just use an original application or a modded one. This also goes to blue ticks. The sender will have no way of knowing whether or not you have received the text. You can download Gbwhatsapp apk from google chrome also.


While Snapchat is officially a social networking application instead of a messaging platform, I am increasingly using it as a messaging service due to its unique advantages that no other messaging service can match. For instance, I can send messages that will self-destruct when a certain amount of time has passed. Lastly, it has the great face mask selection of any application I’ve ever used, making this app enjoyable to use.


Without even a question, Skype has been one of the greatest corporate chat applications available. Skype has thrown all other commercial chat services in the dust, thanks to Microsoft’s backing. However, Skype’s development has worked against it because it comes to individual chats, since the company’s corporate image has kept regular users away. But, trust me when I say that Skype is one of the greatest talking apps available, focus on making a lot of video and audio conversations.


Kik is a wonderful messaging tool for people who may not need to use their phone number to communicate. While certain having social, such as WhatsApp, encourage people to use their phone numbers, I know a lot of people who are hesitant to share their personal details on these sites. Kik is an excellent application for those users because it only needs you to be using your email address. Kik will generate a unique login details for you after you join up for the program with your email address, which you may share with other Kik customers to talk.


Keybase is a fully accessible encrypted chat platform that is ideal for people who wish to connect in a safe manner. There’s really no private entity checking at your data because this is an open-source software. In any case, the information is end-to-end secured, ensuring that the information is never exposed to malicious actors. keybase You can’t even take a picture of the chats in the application. The messaging app is similar to Slack but not as popular as WhatsApp. It is primarily aimed at consumers who are concerned about their internet privacy and is not intended for corporations.

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