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Google Photos is one of the most popular cloud-based photo backup and storage applications and offers a variety of features that everyone can enjoy, from casual users to power users. Since its launch in 2015, the app has been competing with other space giants, including Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud and more. Get a nice, timeline backup of all your media (photos and videos) and free up space on your device, which is especially useful for those of us with a weak 16GB or 32GB stock. Sometimes savvy photographers and content creators who take pictures on their phone even find a memory limit of 256 GB / 512 GB, Google Photos tips and Google Photos offers a solution to this urgent problem.

In addition, with one limitation, storage is completely free. Your images must be below 16 MP, and your videos must have a maximum resolution of 1080p. If not, they will be added 15 GB of free online storage on Google. However, the app offers the ability to downgrade images and videos for free, of course after you first apply for permission. Google Photos has a lot of features like creating collages, albums, animations and more. Live photos are supported even if your phone can take them. In addition, Google Lens is built into the app and can recognize places, products, and more. This will give you more information about what you see. The powerful search algorithm makes finding old photos a breeze, as you can use highly specific search terms such as “Top Blue” and “Beach” to get exactly the image you’re looking for. In addition to these fairly well-known features, there are a variety of lesser-known tricks that you can use to enhance your experience. Here are some Google Photos tips and Google Photos tricks.


Google Photos typically backs up and syncs photos and videos from the device’s main image folder. However, on Android, can set up Google Photos so that images in other folders are also saved. So Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp images can also be safely stored here. To do this, go to Google Photos tips and click the Hamburger menu. Select Settings and then go to Backup and Sync. Here you can select Backup folders on your device and switch between any other folders where you want Google Photos to start backing up.


Google Photoscan is a built-in option that comes with Google Photos. However, you must download the application to access it. You can do this yourself through the Photos app. Once Photoscan is installed, you can access it directly from the Hamburger menu and scan documents, old photos and more. The best thing is that the application uses a special method to avoid glare in a scanned image, to improve the resolution and to accurately detect the edges of the image. I tried this app quite extensively and it worked perfectly in most cases.

Keep location private in shared photos

Location data is almost always saved with image you click on your smartphone. When you share an image from Google Photos, the app tells the recipient all the details of the photo, including the location that was clicked. You may not always want to share this confidential information, and there is a simple solution to make sure it is hidden.

Go to & click Share. Enable the “Remove geo-location in link-sharing items” option. This ensures that geospatial information is not attached to photos shared via Google Photos.


Often, the most daunting task after returning from a long trip is to share the multitude of images you have collected during the trip on your smartphone. It’s incredibly tiring to select each photo separately. There must be a better way! Well, there is.

Google Photos has a quick selection option that allows you to easily select multiple images. Hold your finger on photo and drag it to the last photo you want to send. All images between these two points are selected. Deleting, moving and sending batches is now even easier!


The basic editing in Google Photos is clearly visible in the simple view. However, some of the more complex machining operations can easily be obscured. Two such examples are the editing of “deep blues” and “skin tones” in your images. You can make pictures with beaches, sea and lakes appear deep blue and adjust the skin color according to your wishes, which is particularly useful for portrait pictures. Simply select an image and click on the Edit icon at the bottom (second icon on the left). You will see a number of filters that you can use here. Go to the second tab of the page, where you’ll find options like light, color and pop.

Click the down arrow next to Color to see options such as deep blue and skin tone. The first slider “deep blue” only increases or decreases the intensity of the blue in the image, keeping everything the same, and similarly the skin tone only changes the skin colors and nothing else.

If you want your photo to increase the intensity of the greens, all you have to do is activate saturation and reduce deep blues and even skin tone. You can play with these settings to get visually appealing images that are insta-enabled!


This is only possible in desktop version of Google Photos. This is useful Google Photos tips when editing multiple photos for which you want the same changes. Simply edit a batch image to perfection, and you can apply this editing to other images with a single action. After editing the first image, click the three-dot menu at the top right of the screen and choose Copy Edit. You can just use keyboard shortcuts to copy – Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V, which is extremely convenient.

Do not enter reminders for everything

Google Photos appeared in the “Rediscovery of Memories” group on social networks and appeared with the “Rediscover this Day” feature. It allows to see the pictures you clicked on the same date today and is a form of nostalgia that many users enjoy. However, there are some people with whom you don’t necessarily want to rediscover something, such as an ex-boyfriend or an ex-girlfriend or an old friend with whom you had an affair. To have no reminders, go to Settings in Google Photos. Go to Memories, and then remove certain faces that you no longer want to see in the future. To do this, you must activate the “Face grouping” function.


If you’re longing for the good old days of printed photos, Google has made it pretty painless to add your favorites around the corner to your local CVS or Walmart to take them over almost instantly. Just tap and hold photo you want to print and select other photos if you want to print other photos. When you’re done, tap the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner and choose Print Photo. From there, you can choose the size and quantity of your prints and then choose the closest CVS or Walmart location for picking. Switching from digital to tangible has never been easier.

Scroll quickly to a specific date

If you want to surf the Photos tab or an album and jump to a specific date, tap the quick scroll button on the right side of the screen. All you may have to do is press your finger up or down to fly through time and find your picture.

Few other Google Photos tips

  • Cast to – Allows streaming streams from your phone to your TV with Chromecast. If you don’t have a Chromecast, you won’t see this icon.
  • Favorite – Add the photo to your favorite folder.
  • Other options – including the ability to edit your photo information.
  • Share – used to easily share a photo with others. The icon looks slightly different on the iPhone / iPad, but is in the same position as the picture above.
  • Edit – used to apply filters to your photos. Set light, color or pop; Rotate or crop the photo.
  • Google Lens – image recognition software that provides relevant information using visual analysis.

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