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Google My Business: Today, everybody is online. No matter what we do on social media platforms – be it shopping, finding the best essay writer, or even dating, we do thorough Google research for making any critical buying decision.

According to reports, over 4.72 billion internet users worldwide actively use Google search to learn about products and services of various brands. Therefore, businesses must build buzz for brand awareness and reach potential customers.


Enter Google My Business

What is Google My Business?

It is an online tool for optimizing and managing your brand’s official profile on Google. With a Google My Business account, you automatically appear in search results when people search for your brand online. 

Millions of businesses use Google My Business (GBM) to stand apart from their competitors and gain a competitive edge by attracting more potential buyers. It is entirely free, which makes it the best marketing option for small or large enterprises alike.

With GBM, you can enlist your business location on Google Maps and local search results. You can also include other important information – opening/closing time of the store, contact details, business type, website link, events and more. 

However, hundreds of brands with no physical shops – like the websites that provide students with essay writing help from top essay writers.  Even if you don’t own a physical shop, you should still maintain a business page for your online business to earn your customer’s trust and increase traffic and sales.

How To Create A GMB Listing?

To create a business listing on Google, you can either create a new page or claim an old one and verify it. Optimize the page with relevant CTA, keywords, photos/videos, and FAQs to cover all bases and get 7X more traffic.

If you have already enlisted your business, make sure you claim your page to manage and optimize it per the latest algorithms for maximum benefits. 

Follow these steps to create and claim your Google My Business listing:

  • Log into your Google Business Account or create one at google.com/business 
  • Click on the ‘Start Now’ option 
  • Fill in the details such as your business name and address
  • Enter details for the relevant sections about delivery and service area
  • Carefully pick the business category that ideally fits your business
  • Update the contact details and website link
  • Mention the business hours as it’s on your website 
  • Double-check all the information before choosing a verification option.

How To Verify A GMB Account?

  • Instant Verification: 

If your business is verified with Google Search Console, you can instantly verify the email. To verify your profile with this option, log into your Google business account with the same id you used for confirming your business with Google Search Console.

  • Email Verification:

Email verification is a popular way, but it’s only for particular businesses. If your business qualifies for email verification, verify the account using the code sent in your Gmail inbox, the Gmail ID associated with your Google My Business account. 

  • Phone Verification:

If your business falls into the category for phone verification, you will get the “Verify by phone” option after completing the verification process. Then, you will receive a code on your phone, which you’ll have to enter into your account to complete the verification.

  • Postcard Verification:

For verifying your business using this option (available for all), you will receive a postcard with a code that you’ve to enter into your Google My Business account to verify. If you don’t receive a postcard, you can request a new code. 

  • Bulk Verification:

Bulk verification option is available for businesses that operate in more than 10 locations with different managing teams. For bulk verification:

  • Log into Google My Business account.
  • Click on the “Get verified” option next to a location
  • Click “Chain” and enter the necessary details, including your business name, contact information, and your Google Account Manager’s email id. 

After you submit the form, it may take a week or so for Google to review and verify.

How To Optimize A GMB Page?

After you’ve claimed your Google My Business page, make sure you optimize it and fill in as much business-related information as possible on your listing. You can use the following checklist to optimize your list.

  • Write An Unique Description

Your GMB description is the overview of your business – so take your time to write a compelling description using relevant keywords following the guidelines. Even though you get 750 characters for description, write your first two sentences in a way that gives out essential details. 

  • Add Posts To Your Account

Create exciting posts for your GMB account and add suitable call-to-action to promote your products or services and attract more audience. You can write up to 300 words, highlighting the new features, offers or special deals with a date and time. Remember to update your posts weekly, as Google posts expire after seven days.

  • Add Images And Videos 

Adding high quality images and videos to your posts not only helps to elevate your posts but also builds trust. Posting relevant pictures and videos shows your audience and Google (of course) that you are active, which certainly impacts local search results. 

  • Gather Reviews 

Reviews play a key role in improving your search results and building customer trust. They are social proof for your business and help others to decide whether they want to purchase anything from your brand or not. You can seek out reviews from your happy customers through personalized emails abiding by the guidelines.

  • Always Respond 

Don’t forget to respond to all your customer reviews – good or bad. It shows a level of engagement. Don’t get disheartened with negative reviews. Acknowledge and try to learn what exactly they didn’t like about your product or service. Take it as an opportunity to show your customers that you value them and are willing to improve. 

  • Use The Questions & Answers Feature

Questions and answers allow your potential customers to learn more about your business. If you check carefully, you will find many listing with too many unanswered questions. If not, other users answer them with the wrong information. Keep a close eye on the queries and respond quickly.

Why Is GMB Listing Important Today?

  • Increased Visibility

Google My Business listing improves your online visibility and helps your potential customers find you easily from thousands of other businesses. Whether someone is searching for a mechanic or a restaurant, if your business is listed and meets the search criteria, Google will indicate your business along with others.

  • Builds Customer Trust

Research shows 70% of customers only visit companies that are listed on Google. As a business owner, make sure you take the necessary steps to make the prospects trust your business. Listing your business makes it trustworthy due to the verification process businesses go through before getting listed.

  • Higher Ranking

Google My Business profiles are excellent for local SEO. The more quality information you post, the higher your ranking goes. Accurate information, high quality posts with relevant keywords, customer reviews, and response time all account for your search engine ranking. If you want Google to recognize you, feed it the best information regularly. 

  • Outrank Your Competitors 

Your Google My Business account displays all the necessary information your target audience requires before making a purchase. The information you share helps them quickly identify whether you provide the product or service they are looking for. A well-written business description, quick response to a customer’s query, and regular posts can help you stand out from the crowd and increase sales. 


Google My Business is a mandatory SEO component. The more time you spend on detailing your business page, your business’s chances of appearing in top Google search results also increase. Therefore, to make sure your business listing drives more traffic and increases conversions:

  • Add accurate business-related information
  • Write a unique business description
  • Add high quality photos and videos relevant to your business
  • Post relevant content
  • Ask and respond to all reviews 
  • Use the Questions & Answers feature 

All the best!

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