The Complete ABC Of Writing A Remarkable Special Occasion Speech That Win Applauses

Special Occasion Speech

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Penning down a perfect and effective speech for a special occasion is an arduous task that countless face with utmost fear and hesitation. However, if you are one of the best high school or university students who have been asked to write a special occasion speech, the first thing you need to do is pat yourself on the back due to the honor entrusted to you. But, there is a risk of your happiness ending soon!

Speaking the wrong thing or being utterly wrong about specific significant facts could lead to huge embarrassment, humiliation, or may hurt the feelings of others. However, by preparing carefully and practicing the speech effectively beforehand, the speaker can approach the event with sheer confidence. 

Hence, try to calm down and take control of your emotions. This task may not be as time-consuming and uphill as it may seem. We have crafted a comprehensive and ultimate guide that will help you write a perfect special occasion speech of any kind and complexity. 

Special Occasion Speech: A Quick Overview 

The definition of special occasion speech is quite simple and easy to comprehend. It is a speech given on special occasions or events. Before you begin working on the content, it is essential to determine the type of occasion. 

For you to choose the perfect outline and mood of your future special occasion speech, have a look at the checklist of questions you would need to get answers for before you start working- 

  • What kind of occasion do you need to dedicate your speech to? 
  • Who is your audience? Are there any professionals hailing from specific fields? 
  • Should your speech convey a formal or informal message? 
  • What is the main purpose of your speech? 
  • Do you think the occasion is sensitive? What kind of issues do you need to refrain from while crafting your speech? 
  • Will the personal experience or some anecdotes be apt to share with the audience? 

The speech should last no more than 5-10 minutes and be to the point. The broad usage of pathos in such kinds of speeches is reasonably justified as the primary main purpose of the author is to make listeners feel reflective or glad depending on the occasion nature. 

Special Occasion Speech

Types Of Special Occasion Speeches 

In the words of the best essay writers of the town, the mood of the special occasion speech depends directly on the event it is dedicated to. Now, there may be numerous occasions, but here we will only take the most common ones into account to provide you with an in-depth idea of how to write a special occasion speech and succeed. 

Know that each kind of speech features its own rules and norms that should be followed diligently if your aim is to convey a clear message to the audience- 

  • Toast

A speech of this kind can be a brief tribute to a person, people, or event. It usually enables the speaker to explain why the person or people in question are exclusive. 

  • Roast 

Almost akin to toast, the tone of this speech is quite humorous. It pokes fun at a person or people in a friendly way. It can incorporate admiration, comedic insults, tributes, and outlandish stories that may be true or untrue. 

  • Keynote Address 

The keynote address refers to a special occasion speech representing the vital or common theme of a massive gathering like a convention, conferences, exposition, etc. It tends to summarize the central message around the central idea of such gatherings. 

  • Commencement Speech 

Quite similar to a keynote address, the commencement speech is given to address the graduation ceremony. They are usually celebratory, marking a significant milestone in the lives of graduates. 

  • Acceptance Speech 

These kinds of speeches are given when someone accepts praise, is being honored, or receives an award. 

  • Farewell Speech 

It is also known as the retirement speech, referring to an individual leaving a position or place. One needs to make sure that no privacy or sensitive issues are violated. 

Crafting A Special Occasion Speech To Perfection: A Step-By-Step Guide

 It is known to all that there exists no universal recipe for a special occasion speech, yet we wanted to provide you with inspiring guidelines and examples to keep your brain and heart inspired. Have a look at the following golden guidelines to craft a perfect special occasion speech of your own- 

  • Introduction 

Based on the occasion, it is vital to shape the introduction of the speech to introduce the topic to your audience. In all speeches, there should be a hook at the beginning. It should also incorporate specific background details regarding the topic and the main thesis statement. 


 “I often tend to wonder that why do I consider myself a good author. My strong belief is that it takes a good teacher to inspire and educate a student how to pen down their thoughts. Mr. Richardson, a wonderful person with the kindest eyes and a humble voice, is the one in my life who walked an extra mile to encourage me. As I stand here to receive the best author of this year today, I take this opportunity to thank and pay tribute to him. All credit goes to him; I learned not only how to convey my thoughts through the magic of words, but how to inspire others to walk the road with me.” 

  • Main Body Paragraphs 

The main body paragraphs should discuss different points that support the main thesis of the speech. Three paragraphs are ideas for the body section of the speech. 


First Paragraph- He always began the lessons by asking the students about how they were feeling that day and whether they could relate to the task. He never discriminated students by their skills and knowledge level. 

Second Paragraph- While checking our papers, he discussed flaws with students. He made sure to provide feedback but seeing that he never hurt the feelings of his students. As a result, I learned to be sincere and outspoken. 

Third Paragraph- When I started writing professionally, he still treated me in the same way. He also remembered each of my childhood questions and concerns. His attitude made me feel confident about my talent. Above all, he has always been a rock and a genuine supporter. 


Make the speech conclusion equally impactful as the introduction. It must reflect on how the points shared in the body segment justify the thesis mentioned in the introduction. Avoid using any new point in the conclusion. Remember, it should simply summarize the essence of all the facts stated in the body and conclude on a higher note by addressing the audience or the most important person on occasion. 


“On this day, as I accept this award, I want to thank him and every one of you who made it possible as I am learning by cooperation, your feedback and sincerity. As I write every day, I communicate and work hard to become better. I promise to do only my best to be worthy of the huge praise and honor I received today. However, I shall always remember how it started and why I was inspired to become an author. I thank all of you, especially Mr. Richardson!” 

Final Note

We hope by now you know everything related to special occasion speech writing. Don’t sink into despair and stop bracing for the worst. Be well prepared and make your speech engaging. Spare considerable time to prepare and put adequate thoughts behind the speech. Always make it a point to go through the speech before the day. If required, practice in front of the mirror innumerable times to perfect the delivery. 

Stay positive and get started!


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