Best and Secure Ways to Repair SQLite Database

Repair SQLite Database

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Summary- Sometimes SQLite Database gets prone to corruption, or its orphaned files get at high risk. Due to this reason, many users face so many difficulties and they want to fix SQLite database. In this guide, we will show how you can easily Repair SQLite Database in simple and easy ways. 

SQLite Database contains the Relational Database Management System and C Language Library. Moreover, Lite stands for lightweight in terms of configuration, resource requirements, and database management. Through this Database, users can easily get benefits to get backups for maintaining their business continuity. But due to any reason you face SQLite Corruption, you can directly repair SQLite Database by using SQLite Data Recovery Tool

What are the Reasons to Repair SQLite Database? 

Numerous reasons can cause Corruption in the SQLite database. Some of the most common reasons are: 

  • Maybe, there is an Inappropriate action in a disk file. 
  • If the functionality of SQLite Data Protection is disabled. 
  • Incompatibility among the processes and running threads may damage the data file and leads to the corruption of files. 
  • While running any application, an error comes. It leads to corrupting the database. 
  • If the user is using divergent locking protocols that lead to the corruption of files. 

What are the Various Ways to Fix SQLite Database?

Corruption of SQLite Database leads to loss of data permanently. Since you can’t open and access the data of the corrupt SQLite database till you fix it. Before moving ahead, you can just try to repair SQLite database or you can do the backup of the database file to restore SQLite data. But if you didn’t take a backup for your database, you have only two choices: first, you can try to repair SQLite database manually or second,  you can use a professional way. 

Fix SQLite Corrupt Database Manually: 

Just follow the given steps to better understand the manual method: 

  • First, Install and run the DataBase browser on your local system.
  • Now, select Execute SQL from the tab to run the command in your database.
  • In the given dialogue box, write the command PRAGMA integrity_check and press on the Play button.
image 55
  • After that, click on the File section > Export > Database to SQL file option.
  • Select the particular items that you want to migrate. Tap on the OK button to proceed with the process.
image 56
  • In the end, your data will be exported. Then, you need to import it back from the File section.  

What are the Failures while Performing the Manual Method? 

  • This manual method is only applicable if there is minor corruption in SQLite Database. 
  • For both types of users, non-technical as well as technical users face so many difficulties in understanding the commands and queries.  
  • The method seems to be very complicated.  
  • Using this method, it is a must that users should have prior knowledge of the Database. 

Note: The above way will help to recover data from the corrupted SQLite, but it may not provide accurate results always. So, the question arises how can you Fix SQLite Database? Don’t Worry! There is an efficient solution that can fix your problems easily – SQLite Data Recovery Tool. 

SQLite Recover Corrupt Database Efficiently: 

SQLite Data Recovery tool is an efficient and foremost solution that provides an easy way to Repair SQLite Database files or folders. It also aids to fix the files which are created by SQLite2 or SQLite3. It also fix SQLite database disk image is malformed issue. By using this wizard, users can quickly get the feature of the preview. Through this, users are enabled to save their repaired files to the MDB files or SQLite. Without prior knowledge, users can easily recover their damaged or orphaned files of SQLite Database by using the excellent tool. As this tool,  it supports SQLite Databases in different formats: UTF-8 (ANSI) and UTF-16 (Unicode). 

Final Words: 

In this blog, you can easily see that there are two different methods as discussed above; Manually and Professionally. If you are a technical user and you have good knowledge and expertise, then you must be recommended to use a manual method. On the other hand, if you are a non-technical user, then you must prefer to use third-party software. You can easily repair it in easy and simple ways. So, the choice is yours. Hopefully, this blog will be informative and beneficial to you. 

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