Top 6 Equipments to Buy from a Used Turf Machinery for Sale

Used turf machinery

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Do you dream of recreating a green manicured golf course in your golf facility? Less traffic, lush green fairways with trees, and impeccable bunkers, there’s no better place than a well-maintained golf course. Used turf machinery for sale, mowers help you deliver impeccable turf results throughout the equipment life-cycle. In addition, the maintenance helps you with arched eyebrows of dense and smooth fairways. With different technologies commonplace at different facility centers, operations that earlier took days or weeks can now be done regularly and productively. 

With technological advancements and increasing environmental concerns, golf courses incorporate automated and hybrid used turf equipment for lush greens. If you’re planning to grow an immaculate turf to your golf facility, here quick look at various turf pieces of equipment that will accent the performance of your course 24*7.  


If there’s one piece of maintenance machinery that golf operators can’t do without, it’s mowers. With structured helical blades, mowers are integrated to trim grass across the course; you can easily mow and maintain the course in real-time. The blades of the mowers move in a cylindrical motion giving your turf a perfect height. 

With a wide selection of machinery in the market, choosing the right mower can be challenging. Therefore, we suggest considering the landscape features, terrain type, and facility size before investing in a mower. 

Utility Vehicle 

This turfgrass equipment is a must-have if you use walk-behind mowers for your turf maintenance expeditions. A trailer and a utility vehicle help workers move quickly with the mower. 

The trailer isn’t just used for transporting mowers, but it also helps with different types of transportation of tools, parts, and heavy pieces of machinery. 

Hydraulic Lifter 

A hydraulic lifter helps you move damaged mowers and other machines in real-time. How? Let’s understand with an example. Say your triplex mower ceases to function and doesn’t move altogether. In such a situation, a hydraulic lifter will help you remove the piece of heavy machinery from the course. 

Additionally, hydraulic lifters don’t just help you in the field, but off-field too. You can use it in the garage, backyard, or warehouses to raise and lower heavy equipment in no time.  

Backpack Blowers 

Leaves and debris, if not cleared, can cause considerable damage to visitors and the maintenance staff. Also known as leaf blowers, backpack blowers help you remove debris, grass cuttings, and leaves from the course. 

One of the most important pieces of equipment in the arsenal of golf course maintenance, blowers remove loose stuff into a pile in real-time. 

Hole Cutters 

A hole cutter helps you cut not only one hole but multiple holes of different lengths and diameters. In a course maintenance tool kit, we recommend adding 2-4 different types of hole cutters for a quick fix to your facility. 

Portable Soil Moisture Meter 

Measuring moisture in the soil is an essential activity to avoid ruining grass texture by watering too much or too low. Turfgrass requires an optimum amount of water dispensing on your golf facility’s climate, terrain, and landscape features. The smooth surface will propel the growth of the seedbed and decrease the growth of weed and algae. 

A portable soil moisture meter helps you gauge soil moisture up to certain depths. When used at appropriate intervals, you can save water without hurting the grass. Additionally, it also helps you improve the soil terrain and irrigation system’s efficiency. 

Wrapping Up 

While it’s essential to consider unforgiving climatic conditions and public safety impacts in the golf course maintenance expedition, the right used turf machinery for sale helps you with your daily golf operations.

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