The Complete Guide to Buying an Online Wholesale Products

Online Wholesale Products

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All businesses are indeed shifting towards e-commerce. For establishing a successful business story, it is necessary to adopt this trend. In a single line, survival must adopt a new model of business. The first step in this mode is buying stock or goods wholesale products online. As online payment fraud is increasing, while making payments make sure you have a risk management solution to avoid fraudulent purchases. But it is not easy for a person who does not have an idea about it.

But we are here with an effective solution. Whether you are thinking of starting an online business or want to shift to an existing one, it will be helpful for you. 

Let’s start our journey on how to buy wholesale stock for business. 

7 thing You Should Do Before Placing an Order for Wholesale Products

Get a License for Buying Products 

It is essential to step in the establishing process of business. But it is more crucial for buying stock online.

Because most of the online wholesale websites or online platforms ask for a business license for dealing with them.  

So, get your business registered. It will give your business a legal identity and will be helpful in many other ways like making payments.

Order Planning

In the next step, you need to plan your stock order. There are several factors that affect the size of the business. For example, the size of the business and the nature of products. 

Another factor that is important here, is your experience with your wholesale supplier. If the online suppliers are new. Never order bulk quantity as you do not have an idea about their stock and service quality.

Search Authentic Online Distributors

Well, finding authentic and quality suppliers is a tough job, especially for those who are new to e-commerce. Due to increasing demand, there are more chances of fraud. So, check the registration or license number of the supplier before making a deal to avoid this trouble.

Following are quick ways to find a related online wholesale supplier for your business:

1. Online Business Directories 

Online directories are the best way to find online suppliers for any industry. The online directory has an authentic list of suppliers with all their essentials contact data. 

2. Build Strong Business Relations

Another way to get access to suppliers is by developing strong business relations in their business field. It seems to be a difficult step but only the initial step is difficult but every next step opens new opportunities. An unbreakable chain of business relations will start. 

Trade shows, social media, a trade publication, and online associations are the best option to increase business circle.

3. Online Wholesale Markets

Online wholesale marketplace is another option to find the suppliers of different products. The online marketplaces provide a platform for both the suppliers and buyers to deal with each other in bulk.

Ask for Samples

Instead of ordering huge orders, in first-time order a smaller quantity of products. By doing so you can not only check the quality of the products but you can analyze the whole buying process of the business. For example, their ordering procedure, shipping, customer service, etc. can be evaluated. 

Their performance is good, then you can deal with them on a regular basis with larger orders. 

Confirm the Shipping or Delivery Facility 

Shipping facilities matter a lot in the wholesale business. Most of the time suppliers provide shipping to their customers but not all. So, there is a need to be attentive and check the supplier’s shipping terms before placing an order for the products.

If there is any confusion ask a customer representative. After confirming, place an order for the required stock. Otherwise, you will not have the right to claim your supplier for making delivery of the stock. 

Ask for the Return and Exchange Policies

A good supplier will always have return and exchange policies. In fact, they are sure about their product quality. So, there will be very few chances for return or exchange of goods. 

While selecting a supplier, keep in mind that their returning and exchange policies should be flexible.  

 Reviews and Feedback of Customers

It is not possible to know about the suppliers without dealing with them. But the customers can get an idea about the supplier by review and feedback of previous customers. 

Check their business pages on social media and on their main website and review the feedback. 

The reviews reflect the truth about the supplier. 


These are some points that can make online wholesale buying very easy and effective. Try the above-mentioned tips and share your reviews with us. 

If you are already involved in the online buying of goods in bulk, share your buying strategy with us. 

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