TV vs. Gaming Monitor: Which is Best for the PS5?

TV vs. Gaming Monitor

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PlayStation and gaming consoles demand a smoother compatible display. And if you talk about the realistic visuals, the PS5 and Xbox series only support 120 refresh rates or more. No doubt, the latest display, and visuals instantly lift the gaming approach. Moreover, the jaw-dropping LCDs and the best gaming monitor are there to show robust compatibility. And I have found a really helpful website “” which helps me in finding my new gaming monitor with detailed comparison to other options.

Unlike traditional gaming, PlayStation 5 does not support the native display refresh rate of 1440- which is thought to be most ubiquitous for other games. Therefore, you cannot randomly make a pick of a display screen. With size there are many factors that clarify which display is the best for PS5!

But, it becomes difficult to choose the display when you have another choice. Today, feature-rich gaming TVs are giving tough competition to gaming monitors. So, if you want to play PS5 games the compatibility of the display certainly matters the most.

For gaming monitors, you will only want the Esports-compatible screen that justifies the power and features of PlayStation 5 gaming. If you are still confused, this article is going to clear up many factors. 

Below we are comparing the performance and difference of both television and display monitor in view of PS5 running. Let’s see the most suitable option for your gaming time!

TV for PS5 gaming

Before you go for the wider and crystal clear display visuals of the televisions, the compatibility factor comes at hand. Morphed the television you are choosing for gaming must offer you a feature-rich design that instantly boosts up the gaming sessions and make them worthwhile. For the ideal pair, the best OLED screen for PlayStation 5 is a TV. If you choose the best OLED television it would offer you the ideal specification followed by many perks that uplift the gaming time.

 If you are an enthusiast gamer who never wants to compromise on the PC rig and display visuals would never underperform from gaming to handling fact-action media the robust refresh rate, G-sync technology, and other factors have been especially taken under observation to present you the updated visuals performance.

Coming back to the comparison of television and monitor for PlayStation 5 it depends on various factors. The first one would always be your custom preference. Moreover, the gaming requirement with precise control and running compatibility also gives youth direction to choose television or monitor for that matter.

Playing the lightest and fast PlayStation gaming on television is a memorable experience. And the best bet would deliver you 4K resolution for extraordinary legalistic visuals, HDMI 2.1port compatibility, and noticeably low input lag that no other display would otherwise offer.

What does the PS5 demand?

Usually, PlayStation five gaming would demand a refresh rate of 120Hz and that is something you should not compromise on. For fluid-like action on the display screen, the television must have a 120Hz refresh rate or more. As mentioned above, the best OLED TVs fall best in this regard.

Tv vs Monitor 

To keep things simplified and much explicit, television always performs beyond expectations for PlayStation 5 compatibility. Not only do the vivid and crisp visuals look realistic but also the smoother gameplay backs up the next-level performance if you are concerned with a pro gaming session.

However, monitors also have the perks such as multiple display compatibility. That is a dominant part of why you would choose the best gaming monitor. Usually, if you are a PC gamer, you would prefer to stay on the computer in view of the display screen. Therefore, there are a few factors that you should bear in mind whether you pick a monitor or TV for PS5 gaming. Here you go!

The recent feature-rich displays have achieved a level of precision in terms of accurate display. But, that is only for professional gamers. If you are a regular gamer the PC monitor would let out enough detail that you may have anticipated. However, televisions have the perk to prefer Xbox and PS5 for their suitability for many gaming consoles. 

Size of the display

Generally, gaming monitors are compact in size, especially if you compare them with televisions. The options can be from 24 inches to 32 inches etc. On the other hand, the gaming TV and the OLED display feature a wider and larger screen size from 48 to 50 inches that look incredible for playing PlayStation5 games. Some TVs also come in 85 inches, which is really a big deal. 

Although the size factor is just a preference, the bigger you go the better it would feel. If you are sitting closer the monitor screen would be a wise option and vice versa.

Display Resolution

After the physical size and diameter of the screen, the performance of resolution becomes the next important factor for gamers. For playing PS5 on television you get the 4K result ensured. But for gaming monitors, you get the options in 1080, 1440p, 4K, or any number of ultra-wide resolutions.

For resolution you only need the higher numbers if the display screen is also ultra-wide or else you can still get the ideal display if the screen is compact. a 4K display for a gaming console is the right specification that suits you well. However, making sure the graphics settings/card would greatly define the crystal-clear result compatibility of graphics and visuals matters the most.

So Should I use a Monitor or Television for PlayStation5?

Television or monitor- which is best for playing PS games? This is one of the most asked questions that gamers are still somehow confused about. To answer this question you first break down your personal preference followed by the gaming requirement. If you are playing some game that demands the specific display you prefer 

Additionally, many people forget that the graphics card and the VGA support of the PC also have a major role in the finest display. If you have the OLED TV display the visuals, speed, fluidity and impression would be untamable than any other display medium.

For monitors that are now becoming popular for PS5 gaming but still they are still a step behind!

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