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DigiHUD Speedometer
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Smartphones are not just limited to phone calls and messages now. You can do much more with these devices. Calculating and checking your speed is one of those many additional features. 

A speedometer app is used to gauge the speed while moving in a vehicle or cycle. The app can be used for many other purposes like running, directions, etc. The question is why a motorcar owner will need a speedometer while he gets one inside his vehicle?

The answer is simple. The speedometer apps are used by those people who do not get speedometers on their vehicles. A prominent example is cyclists. They do not get a built-in meter to gauge speed. 

Motorcar owners also frequently use these apps for multiple purposes like navigation, music listening, weather update, etc. 

There are plenty of Best Speedometer Apps available for both Android and iOS. Each one comes with different features and functions. The free ones among them come with limited features while the paid ones provide the best features. 

We have crafted a list of the best speedometer apps available for users on the basis of their advanced features and functions. The details of these apps are following:

DigiHUD Speedometer

DigiHUD Speedometer is the top one on our list. It is a digital speedometer that displays speed on the screen. It also shows other information like time, temperature, the battery of the device, minimum speed, and maximum speed. 

You can check the average speed, trip distance, and normal speed. The app provides an odometer, compass, and clock. The design is very simple and easy to use. The digital display makes it easy to read the speed, especially at night. 

The free version provides basic functions while the pro version provides many extra features. The best thing about this app is both free and paid versions do not contain any types of ads. This urges us to keep this app at the top of the list. 

GPS Speedometer and Odometer

Top Speedometer Apps

GPS Speedometer and Odometer are one of the most popular speedometer apps available for Android. The best feature of this app is that it works offline. The accuracy rate when online is around 98% while this accuracy reduces a bit when you are in offline mode. 

The app can help to check the current speed, average speed, trip time, total covered distance, maximum speed, and minimum speed. The interface is very simple and easy to navigate and use. The free version of the app contains ads while the paid version is free of any annoying ads. The basic features of free and paid versions are the same. 


Top Speedometer Apps

SpeedView is also a good speedometer app that contains many useful features. It shows the speed and other information in a typical HUD display. The app keeps track of important information like speed, distance covered, stopped time, moving time, maximum speed, and minimum speed. 

It also contains graphs of different stats and a compass for direction. An amazing feature of the app is that it warns you in the form of notifications if you are going too fast. The free version of the app comes with basic features while the paid version provides many additional features that enhance your experience with the app. 

Ulysse Speedometer 

Top Speedometer Apps

The 4th one on our list is the Ulysse Speedometer app. It is one of the most feature-rich apps available online. The app provides many basic features like a HUD display, stats tracking, speed stats, etc. The app also provides a compass and an altimeter. 

The additional information shown along with the speed is the phone’s battery and the temperature or weather. The app contains a list of many other features. The free version comes with basic features. You need to buy the premium version to get access to advanced features. The free version also contains some ads which can be removed in the premium version. 

Sygic – GPS and Speedometer App

Top Speedometer Apps

Sygic is one of the most popular speedometer apps available for both Android and iOS. It is trusted by millions of people all around the world. The best feature of this app is the offline 3D maps. You do not need an active internet connection to reach somewhere. 

The app provides basic features like a HUD display, speed display, speed stats, etc. It also provides voice-guided GPS navigation. The app helps you to stay within the speed limits. You can also use it while walking or cycling. Other features of the app include advanced safety features, lane assistance guide, real view navigation with AI, speed limit warning, and HUD project navigation. 

Speed Tracker: GPS Speedometer

Top Speedometer Apps

The last one on our list is the Speed Tracker: GPS Speedometer. It is one of the best apps available for iOS users. It provides an elegant and unique display. You can measure the speed, distance covered, travel time, maximum speed, and minimum speed. 

The app contains a GPS map by which you can navigate in any direction using the best available routes. An exciting feature of the app is the HUD display that helps to check the exact speed on the windshield of the vehicle. Some prominent features include landscape mode and real-time statistics of the trip. Full-screen GPS navigator, scalable speedometer dial, and automatic move detector. 

In a Nutshell

There are plenty of speedometer apps available for Android and iOS devices. Almost all the apps provide basic speedometer functions. The choice of the best app depends on the additional features provided them. You can select your favorite app as per your demands and requirements. 

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