Easy Ways to Print an Instructional Booklet

Print an Instructional Booklet

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You may have heard about self-cover booklets. If you’re unfamiliar with them, this article will walk you through how to make your own at home. This article will cover the benefits of printing on both sides and creating a printer spread. We’ll also discuss how to insert your content and save money on printing. Read on to discover some great tips for printing your booklets.

Self-Cover booklets save money

If you’re considering printing an instructional booklet, you may be interested in self-cover booklets. They save money due to fewer steps and materials required. In addition to printing costs, these books look great and are great for promoting your business. Plus, self-cover books can be personalized to match your branding. The possibilities are endless. Here are just a few ways to save money with self-cover booklets.

First, decide on the size of the booklet. While you can get custom sizes if you want, you may find that they cost more. Often, these custom sizes impact the final price, so you should stick to standard sizes. The difference in length can be as little as 1/4″ off a standard size, so keep that in mind when designing your booklet. Ensure that you have ample space for bleeds, as well.

Print on both sides

The first step to printing your instructional booklet on both sides is to change your printer settings to “Print on Both Sides.” The location should be set to manual (not Auto). Next, remove all the pages from the input tray after printing the booklet. Then, reinstall the booklet pages in the input tray. Afterward, your brochure should be ready for distribution. Another easy way to print an instructional booklet on both sides is to use a saddle-stitched book. This book uses the same type of paper as the interior pages. It would help if you stored the self-cover book in the same file as the pages. This way, the front and back pages will look equally beautiful. Once you have completed the booklet, you can easily hand it over to your customer.

Create a printer spread

To create a professional-looking instructional booklet, users should know how to start a printer spread. Rather than printing a flyer in a fixed order, the pages in a printer spread appear in sequential order in the layout window. This makes the booklet much easier to manipulate since the pages will appear in the order they are read in the finished brochure. What you need to do first is you have to ensure the book is in the correct format for printing. The landscape is the most common design for printing booklets, but the right setting depends on the printer. It would help if you were sure to include blank pages. If you do not have a template for this, ask the printer to supply one. When you send your project to a printer, ask them to provide a template for how to set up the layout.

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