The Ultimate Moss Wall Guide

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If you’ve recently encountered a moss-covered wall at an establishment, you may have been inspired, or you may have been confused. Moss walls are a trending feature in many homes and businesses, but why? 

What exactly is a moss wall and why are they becoming popular? Keep reading our article to learn all about moss walls and why they can be beneficial for your home and workspace. 

What Is a Moss Wall?

A moss wall is a decorative wall feature made of preserved moss on a board or panel. These features bring a natural and artistic touch to many homes and workplaces. 

These walls are becoming especially popular lately due to people staying inside during the pandemic. Many moss walls are designed to be artwork as well; they can imitate paintings or are made up of intricate patterns. 

Moss walls can come in any shape or size and are customizable to fit any space or style. The moss used is no longer living, but it is safely preserved to keep its original look, feel, and even scent. This preservation usually lasts about 10 years, but can last for even longer with minor maintenance. 

Moss walls can be made up of many different kinds of moss, depending on the color and texture that you’re looking for. The most common types of moss that are used in these wall features include mood moss, reindeer moss, sheet moss, pillow moss, and fern moss. 

Moss Walls or Living Moss Walls?

Although they share many similarities, moss walls are not the same as living walls. Living walls are also wall fixtures that are made up of live plants, but they require constant care and maintenance. In order to properly maintain a living wall, you would need:

  • Proper lighting schedule
  • Regular watering and drainage systems
  • Soil that needs fertilizing
  • Knowledge on how to grow and prune the plants you’ve incorporated

If you’ve got a green thumb and determination, living walls can also be a great addition to your space. Some people even grow their own food and herbs off of their living walls too!

While living walls can offer many benefits, moss walls offer many of the same benefits too. However, moss walls are a better option for people with a lower budget or who don’t want to maintain their wall feature. 

Benefits of Moss Walls

Aside from being a stunning feature to your home or workspace, moss walls also provide many benefits to the space you’ve put them in. We’ve made a list of some of the reasons why you should consider setting up a moss wall in your space. 

Increases Cognition and Productivity 

Studies have shown that having plants in your workspace can improve cognition and productivity quite a bit.

Students are more likely to stay focused and learn more when they’re in proximity to plants, and many people report feeling reduced levels of stress when they’re surrounded by plants. 

Moss walls will add these benefits without the maintenance of other indoor plants. If you’re looking for ways to boost your business’s productivity and reduce your employees’ levels of stress, consider getting a moss wall for office. 

moss wall art

Improves Mental Health

Moss walls not only reduce stress levels but can also reduce levels of depression and anxiety too. People feel happier and healthier in an environment with plants. Having an indoor moss wall in your home or work will certainly brighten everyone’s moods. 

Maintains Humidity

Humidity is a tricky thing to manage, and it’s often necessary to have higher humidity levels to keep indoor plants alive. Fortunately, with moss walls, you don’t need to worry about maintaining the perfect level of humidity.

In fact, moss walls actually help regulate the humidity in your home or business. If the environment is too humid, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. However, without any humidity, you could develop dry and irritated skin and respiratory issues.

Moss walls will absorb some of the humidity to keep the environment at a stable level. Moss walls will also help release some of that moisture back into the air if your environment becomes too dry. 

If you live in a wet and humid area, moss walls may just be the best trick to keeping your home or workspace comfortable. 

Reduces Noise

Moss walls are an effective method for absorbing sound and reducing noise levels. This makes them especially popular in apartments, condos, and commercial places in cities. 

Noise Reduction Coefficients (NRC) are a measurement that indicates how well a product absorbs sound. NRC is based on a 0 to 1 scale, 0 meaning that no sound is reduced and 1 being that all sound is reduced.

Reindeer moss walls have an NRC of 0.9, making them a perfect solution to absorbing excess noise!


This may come as a surprise, but moss walls are actually more eco-friendly than indoor living plants and artificial plants.

Since the moss is safely preserved and doesn’t require water, soil, or fertilizer, it leaves an even smaller carbon footprint than living plants. Since moss will eventually decompose, it’s also better for the environment than artificial plants. 

Beautiful Connection to Nature

Including natural elements in your living space can give you a sense of tranquility as if you were outdoors. Moss walls are a great indoor connection to nature, without having to go outside.

Part of the reason they’ve become so popular is that people have spent so much more time indoors, and they’re craving a natural space.

While having indoor plants is another good option, plants require more maintenance and many people struggle to keep them alive. Indoor plants may also pose a toxicity threat in homes with small children or pets. 

Staying Productive and Motivated

Moss walls are a natural feature to include in your business or home office to keep everyone focused and productive. Plus, they offer so many other benefits that it’s a wonder why more people don’t have them yet. 

Hopefully, our guide taught you everything you need to know about moss walls and their benefits. If you found this article interesting or helpful, please be sure to spread the love and share it on your social media. Don’t forget to look at some of our other business content to stay motivated!

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