The Price of SEO in Malaysia

Price of SEO in Malaysia

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Hiring SEO services is one of the smartest decisions you can make for your business. Search engine optimization allows you to make sure that your website, products, and services are easily accessible to potential customers and to boost your company’s online ratings. 

Many people often wonder, however, what the price of SEO for companies in Malaysia can be before they jump into creating their own SEO strategy. This article will help you to understand the price of various types of SEO services in Malaysia.

What Affects the Price of SEO in Malaysia?

There are several different factors that can influence the price of SEO in Malaysia. Whatever type of SEO services you are hiring, the following elements can affect the cost of your SEO services.

Skill Level and Experience

The skill level of the service provider that you hire to take care of your SEO needs can affect the price of SEO in Malaysia. Someone who has a high level of skill or a great deal of experience in SEO may charge you more for their services.


If you require your SEO services completed very quickly, then they may be more expensive. This is especially true if there are a very extensive amount of tasks that need to be done. 

The Current Condition of Your Site

SEO pricing in Malaysia can also be higher for you if your site has had little to no SEO done in the past. A quick tune up will not take your SEO provider very long to spruce up, but a very rough site may need a complete overhaul to bring it to the top of search engine rankings.

Types of SEO Pricing in Malaysia

Now that you know some of the variable factors influencing the price of SEO in Malaysia, let’s look at a few different types of SEO services and how they can differ in cost. 

Hourly SEO Rates

One of the common ways that SEO services are priced in Malaysia is hourly. You can find hourly rates for SEO from both agencies and from freelancers, though most likely from an agency or consultant. The most common hourly rate for SEO agencies in Malaysia are between RM440 and RM660. On the other hand, freelance SEO providers typically range from RM180 to RM220.

Monthly Retainer Rates

Another method for hiring SEO services is to pay for a monthly retainer who will handle all your SEO needs for the entire month. The most common rate for a monthly retainer of SEO services is RM6,000 to RM12,000, depending on the freelancer, consultant or agency in question.

SEO Per Project Rates

A final way that SEO in Malaysia is priced is per project. This means you will pay for each specific SEO project hired individually, which can typically occur on a per word basis or other factors such as the size of the project. 

What is the Price of SEO in Malaysia?

Whatever kind of SEO services you hire, you will need to make sure that they match up with what your company needs and your own digital marketing requirements. 


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