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Sometimes it happens that sometimes, the Outlook PST file becomes inaccessible then we need to Repair PST file. Therefore, we will discuss the causes of this Outlook PST file problem. We also have discussed some ways to retrieve Outlook data if it is discovered that your PST file is damaged or corrupted. 

Additionally, you will find out a secure and genuine way to repair the PST files and retrieve all the information. In most cases, running an affected PST data file using the Inbox Repair tool should be enough to repair it. However, there is time to know why you need to recover PST files. 

Major Causes to PST File Corrupted or Damaged

PST is a Microsoft Outlook file format that stores calendar events, messages, and other things. It is possible to find out the reason behind why you’re PST file is corrupt. Let’s discuss the major reasons to Repair PST file in the below section. 

  • PST File Corrupted by Hardware Failure

It includes storage device failure and network power outages, and link issues. If suddenly you have a terrible sector within which your PST files are stored may damage the file. Additionally, suppose there are problems with the network connection, such as the server or routers, interface cards, network hubs, and other equipment within the link. In that case, it can become the main reason for the outlook data file corruption.

  • Software Related Issues

It includes ineffective methods and tools for data recovery, such as wrong Outlook activity, viruses, and any misguide Outlook software. A wrong file system recovery results in the PST data being damaged. It is the most crucial reason to repair PST file with a safe and secure method. 

  • Computer Virus Attacks

Sometimes, virus attacks on the PST file may be one of the main reasons for corrupted PST files. Some of the popular computer viruses that target PST files are Stages word explorer zip, virus BleBla, and Melissa. They make the PST file unreadable.

  • Wrong Shutdown Procedure

Typically, one shuts off Outlook using the method of saving modifications that are made on the PST file. After that, the program is closed. But, failing to follow the procedure mentioned above could cause the corruption of the PST file. Incorrect shutdown procedures can result in Task Manager suddenly shutting down the program and power malfunctioning. To prevent the file from being damaged, it is recommended to consider investing in a UPS unit to prevent sudden shutdown and follow the proper procedure for shutting down.

How to Execute Outlook Data Recovery Method on Corrupt/Damaged Outlook PST file?

In this section, you can find out the most secure and reliable solution to recover PST files. Firstly, you will find out the manual approach, and if the manual technique does not work for you, then you can move on to the professional method to recover PST file. 

Repair PST file With Manual Techniques

Method 1: Use Backup to Recover PST File

If you’ve been making regular backups to your Outlook data, you may use the most current backup file to retrieve PST data. PST file. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, you need to launch Outlook on your system.
  • Then, select the File option and tap on the Open & Export >> Import/Export.
  • After that, open the Import and Export Wizard. 
  • Here you need to choose the Import from another file and click on the Next button.
  • Now, choose the Outlook data file (.pst) and then click on the continue button.
  • After that, browse to the location where you want to store the backup of the PST file.
  • Then, choose the file and hit the Next file. 
  • At last, you need to tap on the finish button. 

Method 2: Outlook Auto-Archive PST File 

You may as well restore your PST file and carry out Outlook recoveries for data if you’ve activated Outlook Auto-Archive in the past. Then, you can easily open the archive PST file in Microsoft Outlook. We are going to mention steps to step gyud in the below section. 

  • Firstly, you need to launch Outlook on your machine. 
  • Then, move to the file section and hit the Options. Then, click on the Advanced option. 
  • After that, click on the AutoArchive Settings.
  • Here, go with AutoArchive option.
  • Then, move ahead by clicking on Browse to locate the archived PST file.
  • At last, import the archived PST file into your Outlook through the above-shared method. 

Expert Solution to Repair PST file from Corrupt/Damaged Situation

If none of those mentioned above methods works to recover PST files, then you can try the Cigati PST Repair Tool to repair Outlook data file. This tool can recover all mailbox contents and fix damaged PST documents, including task rules, email, journals, contacts, and attachments. 

Also, this tool assists in recovering data from password-protected PST files. Additionally, this PST recovery tool saves recovered data in various file formats like EML, MSG, MBOX, HTML, or a new PST file. The program efficiently scans PST files in three modes: Standard, Advanced, and Deep. Furthermore, this PST recovery software is available with many advanced options that help in error-free results, and users can select the advanced options as per their requirements. 


When using Outlook, it is possible to encounter issues like recovery or repair PST file from corrupt/Damaged Situations. If you’re experiencing this issue, you could try retrieving the PST file using the manual method to recover the Outlook PST file. However, if the PST file is badly damaged, then try the most secure and reliable PST repair tool to fix damaged PST files in any size and outlook PST recovery.

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