Do You Make These Simple Mistakes In Website Development?

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Website development has become one of the most popular sources to grow your business in this era of technology. You see most websites have amazing features and an appealing layout in order to give a better user experience to their customers. Without having a better UX of your website, you can’t grow your website in this competitive market.

The most important reason for the failure of a website is its User Interface (UI). 97% of the websites fail to get their desired results if they don’t have an appealing UI. When a user first visits your website, he will first interact with your landing page and decide whether to stop on your website or not.

If your website is not succeeding or you want to make a new website for your business, you must know the common mistakes that people make in their websites. If you avoid these mistakes, you can easily save your money and time. Consequently, save your website from failure.

Common Mistakes You Make In Website Development

There are many common mistakes that people make during website development and their websites face failure ultimately. But you can avoid these mistakes that are mentioned below to make a prominent website in the market. So, let’s start with the first mistake that is Load time:

●    Your Website Takes Too Much Time to Load Time

The load time is very important if you want to make a complete website in the digital market. When a person comes to your website, it waits for a few seconds to load your website. If your website takes more than this time, the user will abandon your website and move to other websites.

According to the 15 seconds rule, the average user will wait for 15 seconds to load your website. Your website must take less than 5 seconds to load so that you can engage your visitors.

A great way to enhance the website load speed is to install plugins. These plugins help a lot to increase website speed. You can develop your own plugins or can apply these plugins from WordPress.

●    Your Website Is Not Responsive To Mobile

Every year, mobile companies are producing millions of mobile phones, and consequently, the mobile market is growing immensely. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you will lose millions of audiences. It is very important to make sure that your website is accurately working on mobile phones.

Most people avoid using the laptop when they are using social media platforms. They prefer using mobile phones to use this kind of social media because it is very convenient for them. To give a better user experience to your clients, it is very important to make your websites mobile-friendly.

●    Poor User Interface (UI)

When the user comes to your website, it interacts with your website’s UI at first and then sees the other features and functionalities. If your website does not have an appealing layout, your consumers will leave your website immediately. It can increase the bounce rate of your website because users will not stay more than 10 seconds.

To make your website more attractive, you have to use readable fonts, white space, buttons, and CTA’s to your website. It looks very good when you use white spaces on your website. It does not look like a cluster of words.

●    You Don’t Apply SEO Techniques

In this era of technology, everyone is making his website to promote their business but few of them are on the top of Google results. Do you know why is this so?

The most important reason for becoming one of the top websites on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO helps you to boost your website in SERPs and make your website more prominent.

There are many SEO techniques you can apply to your website. The most effective type is technical because it allows you to make strong backlinks that enhance your website’s Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). It also decreases the spam score of your website and makes it free from spam linking.

●    Irrelevant Content and Ugly Images

Another most important factor in website development is relevant content. Most people just put things on their websites that are not relevant to their product. They just stuff information in their pages that are not necessary and use irrelevant and ugly images.

The best way to overcome this issue is to take high-resolution images and use them in your website content. The colors attract the people and these pictures can attract them as well if you will use an attractive color scheme in the pictures.

Besides this, you have to add relevant content according to the niche. For instance, if you have an eCommerce website, you can’t find the content from the Food niche. You must take care of these small things before creating your website.

●    Lack of Contact Information

When a visitor visits your website, he wants something from you. You are giving him the unique services from your website. If he likes your products and services and wants to contact you, this will be pathetic if your contact numbers are not there on your website.

To get rid of this thing, you have to add all the contact details on your contact page. You must design a “Contact Us” page on your website where everyone can contact you. There are also the social media icons used on the landing page. You must have all the social media icons on the top of your website that will help your customers to contact you.

The Bottom Lines

There is huge competition among the websites on the internet. Some of them are very famous and most of them face failures because of some common mistakes. It is a very pathetic situation because business owners can’t get their desired results from their websites.

I have discussed most of the common mistakes that people make during website development. I have also discussed their reliable solutions after discussing the problem. You can easily overcome these problems after reading this article.


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