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When it comes to search engine optimization, you must know that you must invest all your efforts and skills on the website. Every webmaster’s main purpose and goal is to take his/her website to top-ranking positions. Domain authority is one of the leading factors considering which your website is listed on SERPs’ top. Domain authority is an important metric that Moz creates, and DA is a scoring system in which your site is marked between 0 and 100. The higher your DA score would be, the better your chances to rank in a better position. 

If you want to find out about your domain authority, you need to connect with the modern DA checker and other seo reporting tools. Out of hundreds of options listed on Google and other search engines, we have handpicked the most reliable and friendly ones. 

Below you will find the best free tools that can show you the DA score of your website. 

Domain Authority and SEO Reporting Tools that you should try

Here are some of the utilities that would help you find out the details of different website metrics. 

Smallseotools Website DA checker!

The Smallseotools website authority checker is one out of hundreds of free offers by this utility site. Like other utilities of smallseotools, you would find reliability, accuracy, and user-friendliness on this da checker tool’s interface. This domain authority checker is not only free but is also extremely easy to use. All you need is to copy/duplicate the URL of the website for which you want to check the metrics and enter it into the upload box. You can enter up to ten domains in one go. In this way, you can easily compare your DA score with your competitor’s. You would get the DA score, but you would also find about the different factors that are influencing your website’s domain authority.

Moz – Domain Authority Tool!

This is another free seo tool that can help you check the authority of a website. The Moz domain authority checker is also known to be one of the most popular tools, and this is only because this is the very platform that introduced this scoring metric. You must enter the website’s domain, and from there, you can easily find out the internal and external linking domains, the number of backlinks, the keywords on the website, and many more things. This DA checker website tool is surely free but with some limitations, and if you want to get detailed results, we will urge you to try out the pro version that starts from around $99. 

Site checker – Website audit!

This site reporting tool is known to be best if you want a complete audit of your site or if you want to look at the different measures which are affecting the DA/PA score of the website. This is a free domain checker tool and is extremely easy to use. You can utilize it on any device as it is based on the cloud. There are many advantages of using this site checker tool, but at the same time, you must also know about its limitations. This site checker’s crawling limit is limited, and it cannot check complete pages on a website. You can check up to 100 pages in one go. For complete auditing, you must connect and register with a paid subscription plan.

Ubersuggest – SEO Analyzer

This is another website tool that can help you check and optimize all the SEO errors on your domain. The seo analyzer tool by NP would give you the domain authority score and provide you different suggestions using which you can optimize your page in a better way. You would find out about the high authority links, the broken ones, the keywords being used in the content, and many more details. You can use the seo reporting tool by Neil Patel for free, and you can also get its premium version which comes for around 10 dollars a month.

SEO Optimer – SEO Audit & Reporting!

This seo optimer tool is best because it gets you the most comprehensive results about your website. It is the best DIY tool for search engine optimization as it provides endless features and can also be used by digital agencies and small/large business enterprises. You must enter the URL of the website in the tool and get results regarding the DA score, performance, social buttons, security of the site, and user-friendliness. The only known limitation of this domain authority checker platform is that it does not let you save/download the report plus the free version is limited. 

If you want to get more details about domain authority and improve it, you should stay tuned with us and keep reading our informative and interesting posts. We would also suggest you try out the above-listed tools to have a very good reputation in the digital market!

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