If you’d like your ads to show on certain sites across the internet, you can add these websites as

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Placements: If you want your ads to appear on specific websites on the internet, you can add those websites as:

There are certain assumptions that you should make about the correct approach to viewing an ad. If you want to show your ads on specific websites on the internet, how should you add them? The obvious way is to include these websites in your ad. The question is how should you place them? Here are some options that naturally come to mind.

  • keywords
  • Audiences
  • Placements
  • Topics

Which of them to choose? The correct answer to “If you want your ads to appear on specific web sites on the internet, then there is the option to add those sites that you should add as placements.

To understand placements, we need to understand the Google Display Network. It’s a versatile tool that a digital advertiser can use to get better results. It’s a network of websites that serve Google Ads.

This network includes millions of Google Web Display partners like Youtube, Gmail and more. This includes websites that use AdSense, DoubleClick Ad Exchange, and more. All of these websites allow you to display your ads on their pages.

This can include the entire website or a single page of the website, an add-on video, or a connected mobile phone application.

The Google Display Network has several options for the type of ad you prefer, such as: B. Text, audio and video advertisements.

What are Placements?

To answer our original question, placements are the places or locations where your ads can appear on the Google Display Network. You can specify these locations by customizing placements.

Google can also help you show ads automatically based on context and behavior targeting, or add related keywords. There is another placement method called “Managed Placement” that involves customizing your ad settings.

If you want your ad to appear on specific websites on the Internet, placement and placement targeting is a great option. It helps you reach your potential customers through the web content they consume, be it videos, podcasts, apps, or any website they visit.

The most important thing is to manage your websites individually. It’s important to exclude websites or apps that are incompatible with your business. Depending on the content of your website, some ads may seem completely absurd and out of place.

For more information on how to do this, see our article on contextual targeting.

How do I add placements?

To add placements to the Google Display Network, you need to follow the steps below.

First, sign in to your Google Ads account. Go up and open the Campaign tab. Select the campaign to edit. Search the display network. Click the + Targeting button. Select an ad group. From there, go to the drop-down menu and click Placements. Enter the URL where you want this ad to appear. If you want the option to create multiple placements for specific ad groups, see multiple placements below. Save your changes and exit.

How can I edit?

Did you make a mistake with your placement? Do not worry. You can repair, pause, or play an ad at any time. You can also change the bids you get for placement.

How to edit your managed placement!

Go to the Campaigns tab at the top of Google Ads. Select the desired campaign. From there, find the affected ad group. Find the Network View tab. You’ll find the Placements tab. From there, access managed placements. To pause a placement, click the Pause icon. To activate it, click on the green circle.

To change a placement bid, below the maximum CPC tab, click Bidding. Enter the new updated offer and save the changes.

What is Google Ads certification?

Google Ads Certification is the name of a series of six different authorized qualifications, all of which demonstrate your mastery of various Google Ads related skills. The six areas covered are as follows:

The exams are taken online and include a set of 50-70 multiple-choice and true / false questions (the actual number of questions varies for each exam). The questions are randomly selected from a pool and you have between 60 and 90 minutes to complete each exam.

To pass, you must correct at least 80% of the questions. You can take the exam whenever you want, but you have to wait 24 hours between tests. Once you have passed, there is no current certificate. However, you can use the term ‘Google Ads Certified Professional’ in your resume and other personal promotional materials. Here’s an example from Google of how you can use your certification:

“Google has recognized me as a certified Google Ads professional. This means I’ve passed several reviews. I’m qualified to help you grow your web business using Google Ads.”

How to prepare for Google Ads exams

Each exam is taken from a series of e-learning courses arranged in sections of approximately 10 to 30 minutes each. The courses (and exams) are hosted by Google Skillshop.

There is also a prep course called Google Ads Search Basics that starts with the basics and is great for those with little or no experience with Google Ads.

Here is the Google Ads Search Certification training program. The others are very similar.

  • Grow your business with Google Ads in 15 minutes
  • Discover the Value of Google Search – 32 Minutes
  • Understand the Google Ads auction – 11 minutes
  • Send the right message with text ads – 9 minutes
  • Make your ads relevant to the ad extensions shown on the search network – 19 minutes
  • Increase efficiency with automatic bidding – 12 minutes
  • Reach valuable customers with search audience segments – 21 minutes
  • Increase the performance with the optimization value – 11 minutes
  • Increase conversions with the Performance Planner – 15 minutes

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