6 Quick and Easy Ways to Boost Your Router’s Performance

Router's Performance

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Frustrated with internet issues regularly?

Thinking you’ve made the wrong choice?

Considering replacing your router?

Most of the time, the malfunctioning of your router is not as complicated as you think. Believe it or not, you can fix these little problems to boost the router’s performance without any technical support. Keep reading for 6 quick and easy ways to boost your router’s performance and try them today.

For those of you who aren’t aware, in technical terms, a router is a device that does something to transmit the internet waves from your service provider and converts them and connects to all the tools you use at home (e.g., computer, phone, laptop). You can have two types of routers, wireless or wired. It acts as an essential part of your internet connection. If you face internet issues, there is a 65% chance that your router has a problem. But not all questions have complicated solutions!

How To Boost Your Router’s Performance Yourself

1. Change The Location Of Your Router

If your router is placed way inside your house or office, it might be slightly tricky for wireless signals to penetrate layers of metal and cement. This way, the wireless connection range, and capacity can get reduced, thus increasing interference. 

Try placing the router in a more open place, preferably in a central position. This, in turn, will make sure that the signal strength remains maximum and give you a significantly improved performance.

2. Try Rebooting The Router

Even though this isn’t the perfect solution, this might work once in a while. If you feel that your router isn’t working correctly, turn it off, wait for some time, and then turn it on again. 

If you were provided an app with the router, you could use the same to restart the router. However, you might need to follow different steps if your broadband gateway and router are separate. In this case, first, restart the gateway and then proceed with the router.

3. Make Sure Your Router Is Not Heating Up

Your router is a device that generates heat. It is essential to make sure that there is proper ventilation. If you observe the router correctly, you will notice there are vents present. All you have to do is keep the space around these vents open. Do not push your router against a wall or cover the vents with other objects like books or boxes. 

Moreover, make sure that you do not keep any other heat-generating device near the router as this could increase the rate of heating up. If the above solutions do not help, try the slightly more complicated steps mentioned below:

4. Get A New Antenna For Your Router

All routers might not have external, removable antennas. But if your one does, then try replacing the antenna with a new one. Ensure that the antenna you buy guarantees high-gain is compatible with your router, and works with your wi-fi type. 

If your router does not have a removable antenna, try changing the direction of the antenna. If the antenna is not external, changing the router’s location, as mentioned earlier, could be a possible solution.

5. Try Changing Your Wi-fi Channel For The Router To Function Better

Your router uses specific channels to send and receive data, almost like a radio, with channels 1 to 11. If most people in your locality use channel 1, they will suffer from the low network and limited range. 

All you have to do is change the channel your router uses to something with fewer users. As difficult as this may sound, it is pretty simple. Your router came with an IP address for its configuration page. Type this address in the address bar of your browser and change the channel.

6. Add A Range Extender To Your Router

A range extender is a device that helps boost the speed and signal of your wi-fi. These are also called ‘Wi-fi boosters’ sometimes. Connecting this to your router might help with the internet issue and also help your router work better.

If your router continues to create problems after trying all the above, you can try numerous other methods, as routerlogin.mobi suggests. However, if nothing works, you could always try to get something new. A new router could solve all your problems if nothing else works.  

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