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Comics are a great way of entertainment for people of all ages. Effective storylines combined with amazing fictional characters make comics a treat for people who seek content that is readable and entertaining all at once.

One of the most popular comic websites that took the internet by storm was the mangastream. This website pleased every comic reader in the world with great stories from various genres. But this site was dissolved by its developers under mysterious circumstances which left the readers with a wave of sadness.

Rumors have it that the developers wanted the readers to stick to the mainstream website. But it wasn’t the case as the more popular the site became, the more pirated sites emerged out of the blue that provided the same content with a few modifications of their own.

This led to huge loss for the developers of the original website as their paid content was now available to the readers for free. It is said that the developers of the original website also created a clone site for users from around globe so they can continue enjoying their favorite comics.

After some changes, the clone site was named mangastream.cc. Popular animes like one piece were also available on mangastream. Nonetheless, you can enjoy reading comics by using some of the top alternatives of this website.


Today’s blog will feature some of the top read manga online alternatives that may quench a comic lover’s thirst.

Top Mangastream Alternative Websites

  1. Mangadex-This website comes with a wide range of themes for the users to choose from. You can easily choose one and install it. One of the many perks of this site is that you can choose from many languages and you can also change the parts of comics and can publish them on your own without any restrictions. The site also offers a forum where you can share your experiences.
  1. Mangafox-This website comes under the management of fanfox.net and comes in a tri-color theme that constitutes of black, white, and orange. This site comes with various features, the major ones being the zoom in and zoom out feature. You can also access mobile version of this site via any app store.
manga online
  1. Mangapark-This site is regarded as one of the best alternatives to the original site. The website has a great layout that helps its users to easily find their content. The content of the website remains up to the mark as it is updated regularly. The site allows more than ten image insertions for a single comic.
  1. Mangaowl-This comic site offers one of the best user interfaces. You can also get many unreleased animes and comics on this website without having to go through any legal trouble. It gives the users a taste of the original website. You can also join the website’s online community where people from around the globe share their experiences with people who share similar interests.
  1. Mangatown-This website offers the best town-level comics that a user can get making it one of the most popular alternative sites to the original. You can browse through tons of options to choose from with its amazing layout. The website also offers option of joining your favorite character groups, so that you don’t miss out on any action from your favorite comics.
  1. Mangahere-This comic website offers its users more than a total of 1000 comics from different regions like Europe, China, Thailand, and so on to make the discussion panel much more open and interesting. The site usually deals in regularly updated comics and it also offers a separate section that is specifically dedicated to spoilers and classifieds. The only drawback of this site is continuous change in its URL which happens because of the DMCA problem.
  1. Mangareborn-One of the major highlights of this website is the multilingual comics that it offers to its users, making room for a more open and versatile discussion. The community features give this site the upper hand when it’s compared with the likes of new and improved comic websites. What makes this site different is that it is more of a community platform where manga freaks can come and discuss their favorite comics.
  1. Teen manga-This site is one of the most-visited alternative sites in the world. It offers more than 55 genres in total. The site’s database majorly consists of full-version mangastream stories.

These are some of the best alternative websites where you can enjoy read manga online and discussing your favorite comics and animes.

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