Reach More Customers with Virtual Phone Numbers

Reach More Customers with Virtual Phone Numbers

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You can reach people who don’t have your physical number with a virtual phone number. You can dial out to people in a specific area code. Rely on our small business phone service to access Local Numbers, Extensions, International calling, Business SMS and 60+ features.

Telephones are becoming less important as we move our business to the Internet. They’re not even needed for chat customer service! Yet the use of the phone as a marketing tool remains high. So with all this in mind, what alternatives do you have?

Well, instead of relying on your phone number as one part of your marketing strategy, there are plenty of other ways to reach potential customers that don’t involve dialing up an old-fashioned landline. One good example is virtual numbers. It allows you to create a phone number that leads to your website or company profile online. 

It is a toll-free phone number, which is a phone number that has been given away for free. This service helps businesses, organizations, schools, and other institutions increase their sales or marketing reach by converting single physical locations into multiple virtual sites.

It can help your business expand by expanding your reach and having customers from anywhere in the World call you on your toll-free telephone numbers.

You can use an app on your computer. Video Conferencing services are also available relatively cheaply and include unlimited minutes for international conference calls.

Some Benefits of Virtual Phone Number Service:

One of its most significant benefits is calling multiple countries with one number. Since you’re only paying for what you use, it’s a great way to expand your customer base without upgrading equipment. You’ll need to research the area codes and local taxes in each country, but if you talk to VoIP Canada, they can recommend which number would be best for your customer base. And all you have to do is get that number!

  • Inbound marketing: Get your virtual phone number to use as part of your marketing strategy to attract additional customers looking for similar solutions or services you offer.
  • Strong brand identity on your website, business cards, advertising collateral, etc. 
  • A lot of businesses and telemarketers use Virtual Phones for their cold calling campaigns: Phone numbers are among the most critical factors in cold calling because it dramatically impacts whether someone answers the phone.
  • Branding & building your brand. 
  • Increased visibility and awareness to customers with a virtual phone number that matches your business model.
  • Increased revenue opportunities for affiliate marketing, lead generation, appointment setting, and follow-up campaigns with a real-sounding phone number in front of your customers.
  • Remote Call Centre Gateway Support 
  • No monthly fees or long-term commitments on the line: You can create as many phone numbers as you need, and we’ll handle all the billing and signup for you.
  • Immediate ROI due to increased brand awareness of your business in front of new potential customers or customers trying to find out more about your business when they found out you had a real-looking telephone number!

It allows you to register a unique toll-free number from various area codes across the country. Suppose you plan to expand your business from other states and countries; call you on your toll-free number. It enables you with this feature through which your customers will make calls from any part of the World on your toll-free number without needing to dial local access codes.

Virtual Phone number working Process?

Making your phone number available to customers is about more than just making it easier for them to contact you. It’s also about giving them the power to choose which number they want, when they want.

We’ll show you how easy it is to get your phone number set up with a virtual phone service provider so that you can make your business or personal contact information available 24/7.

There are a lot of different service providers out there, and most of those services come with their own set of rules and terms of service. We’re not saying you can’t use a virtual phone number provider that doesn’t work with every virtual phone number service out there.

But if you want to make your business stand out from its competitors, give your customers the chance to have their own custom numbers, or just keep your personal life separate from the business world.

Some of the examples how it can help your business:

1. CRM integration improvement:

It can help your company to automate the sales process. It can help you to integrate your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, and increase the level of productivity significantly.

Most of the time, CRM integration is complicated and difficult to understand. This has been one of the most common problems with current virtual phone numbers. However, we have done some work to make this process as simple as possible by including advanced call control features such as conference calls and other call settings which allow for better use of our platform.

2. Improving business communication: 

It makes your business more productive with one less physical change and reduced costs for telephone lines or anywhere else people can reach you over the phone by calling in. We take customer satisfaction seriously and have made various improvements related to reliability, speed, quality of service delivery in order to provide a remarkable user experience through our platform. These aspects will be even more improved with the implementation of multiple servers.. It allows you to build a virtual contact center without hiring expensive human employees. Increase leads by giving your customers the opportunity to choose their own number or use your existing one.

3. Call routing & call forwarding: 

The call routing and forwarding market has grown considerably over the past few years. The reason is that it makes it easy for customers to reach your business while making it easy for you to get them. It has helped Call Routing & Call Forwarding become possible through the Internet. You can have your customers contact you via a local Phone Number.

We offer a full suite of phone systems for your business needs. We offer SIP Trunking, VoIP, and many other solutions for you to select from. It can help manage all incoming calls and even more through our call routing and forwarding system.

It can help you control your direct contacts and those interested in them. You can still route calls to your business, but the calls are forwarded.

4. Video conferencing: 

Video conferencing is one of the most common features needed on phone systems for businesses today.

Allowing multiple clients to join the video conference is a crucial feature it can provide. 

VoIP system offers one of the best end-to-end video conferencing features. VoIP Video Conferencing solutions, you can connect to your customers directly through video chat. This feature allows instant collaboration between different teams and with remote offices all over the World.


Today, we have a reliable and fast solution which allows one to find a virtual phone number in many different countries. From the set-up process to usage of the virtual phone number itself, it has been made simple and easy to use.

As we continue this process, our platform will become more advanced while also offering increased reliability and speed for users to enjoy. Promote your business more easily. It is super easy to get a great phone number. With virtual numbers, you can set your system to know who is calling, and send specific messages to them based on what they are trying to reach you for. 

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