Types of Cleaning Agents for Efficient Cleaning Activities

Types of Cleaning Agents

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Many cleaning agents and solutions are available in the market, but they can be highly categorized into four main types. These include abrasives, detergents, acids, and degreasers. You should contact us to know how baking soda works as a potential cleaning agent. It depends upon the type of material soiled that cleaning techniques are employed along with the cleaning materials. All four types of cleaning agents and supplies have their own goals to fulfill. If you want cleaning supplies in Perth, visit our store for a vast collection. 

Types of Cleaning Agents

Different cleaning agents can be used to make your property hygienic and clean. 

Abrasive Cleaning Agents

Abrasives are needed for removing large volumes of soil from heat-resistant areas. These are available in powdered and liquid versions, along with scouring pads. Abrasive action is produced by chemical, physical, and mineral forces. These abrasives can be materials, chemicals, and minerals such as silica, feldspar, and many more. Substances such as baking soda, salt, and powdered borax are also used as abrasives. 

You should read the label of the cleaning agent very carefully, as the abrasiveness of the cleaning agent varies depending on the color coding of the agent. It is usually seen that the harsher the cleaning agent, the larger the particles in the cleaning product. 

Acid Cleaning Agents

Any cleaning solution with a pH of six or lower can be considered an acid. Acids are either very mild or very strong. Because of their pH, substances such as coffee, cola, lemon, and vinegar are deemed to be acidic. Cleaners of hard water or deposits of minerals, rust stains, toilet bowls, tub and tile cleaners, and mold removers are all considered acidic cleaners. While using cleaning solutions, acids assist in the breakdown of stubborn stains or marks such as soap scum, mineral deposits, or rust stains. Mild acids like vinegar and lemon juice throughout the house to aid tiny spills on a wide range of services.

If you visit our cleaning supplies store, we always recommend to our customers that no matter which kind of acid you use for cleaning purposes, you should always take extra caution and use goggles for safety. Gloves should also be used as skin barriers. The products should never be misused and should only be kept on the surfaces for a short time. 

Types of Cleaning Agents


These are cleaning agents which can be typically used for removing organic soils such as oils, proteins, and fats. If you want to see optimal results, then make use of alkaline solutions for removing organic soils. In this case, you will need a higher alkaline level to remove the caky mess of dirt. Oven cleaners are very oily or greasy since they have to remove baked-on carbonized clutter accumulated over time. 

Mild degreasers on the opposite end of the range are typically used in the garage or kitchen. They are present in the cleaners of the laundry room. With the help of mild degreasers, the integrity of kitchen surfaces can be easily maintained. These will not etch or fade the stains away or should not be used in combination with clinical products such as acids, caustics, or ammonia. 


Detergents are synthetic, manufactured, and derivative cleaning agents, and if you are looking for commercial cleaning supplies in Perth, you will get a wide range of detergents in our store. These water-soluble or liquid preparations are organic. These lead to the emulsification of oils while keeping debris in suspension while serving as wetting agents. A mild detergent is one of the most effective tools for maintaining a clean environment. Such cleansers are incredibly versatile, and they exist in quite several forms. However, practically almost all detergents require water to function. 


It is always recommended that handlers of chemical cleaning agents should use protective equipment while handling them. These cleaning agents have several advantages and carry out cleaning quite efficiently. Our company is famous and reliable if you want to buy materials in bulk. We are also renowned for having provided cleaning supplies within budget.


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