Top 10 Tips to Optimize your BigCommerce store

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BigCommerce is a SaaS-based e-commerce platform. Most eCommerce store owners will say this increasing revenue is their main priority when asked about their growth objectives. It is customary to associate increased traffic, client numbers, and marketing and advertising expenditures with increased revenue. However, in these circumstances, the frequency with which you convert website visitors will determine how much money you make.

According to reports, the average conversion rate for online purchases is 2.65%. Thus, optimization—rather than bringing in more volume-based traffic—is the key to success if you want to increase your sales but your conversion rates are below average. You can design your big commerce store with the help of bigcommerce design and development company and its skilled professionals.

This post will discuss the top 10 strategies for enhancing customer appeal on your BigCommerce store to increase e-commerce sales.

1. Post-Purchase Upsells 

  • Optimizing the store for existing customers is crucial for converting one-time buyers into loyal ones. To enhance post-purchase engagement, consider adding features like Easy Upsell and Native Upsell to your BigCommerce store. These features help create upsell triggers, improve the post-purchase experience, and help you select which customers see which upsells.

2. Add Videos to Your Product Pages

  • Optimize product pages by adding videos to showcase product features. YouTube videos dominate the top 100 Google search result listings, and 88% of business owners report boosting conversions. Adding a video on most product pages increases the AOV of each purchase by 68%.
  • Boosting conversions, consider adding brief, one-minute narrated videos to your product pages highlighting product features.

3. Show Previous Buys to Display Social Proof

A Time for Ventures founder, Jae Jun, found that adding a widget in the website’s corner displaying recent purchases triggered a 26% conversion rate. This strategy is particularly effective for small stores without a big-name brand, as it relieves anxiety generating social proof. 

4. Show Product Reviews

If you only have a handful of product reviews, the advice above may help boost social proof. But you may not need it if you’ve already optimized it for review.

Show product reviews to boost social proof, especially if you have a lot. 92% of customers read reviews, and 88% trust them as personal recommendations. Kenko Tea founder Sam Speller found that adding a review feature increased conversion rates by 30%. Enable product reviews within BigCommerce, especially at the point of sale, to show social proof.

5. If Selling in Bulk, Show Your Discounts

Implementing bulk discounts on product pages can boost Average Order Value (AOV) and build trust with customers. Utilizing discount managers and user-generated content (UGC) tools like ViralSweep and Snapwidget can increase the AOV. Creating a post-purchase email template encourages loyalty and improves customer experience. Optimizing checkout and using Bolt’s BigCommerce integration can boost conversion rates.

6. Optimize Your E-commerce SEO

  • With so many pre-built and SEO-optimized storefront templates, it’s easy to forget that; there is always more you can do with search engines. Most importantly, many customers’ first point of contact isn’t your product page but your SEO listing.
  • “BigCommerce is a powerful, agile, and endlessly scalable e-commerce platform,” writes Elliott Davidson from the SEO agency Contrast. But, like any platform, to stand out in the large e-commerce crowd, you need to nail your website’s SEO.”
  • Davidson recommends a veritable checklist of SEO upgrades you can quickly integrate with BigCommerce. 
  • For instance:
  • Check that you’re running a site with HTTPS, avoiding “not secure” alerts on your customers’ browsers. 
  • Integrate your BigCommerce store with Google Analytics. So you can monitor your latest statistics.
  • Upload your sitemap (automatically generated by BigCommerce) to Google’s Search Console.
  • Fill out your product information on BigCommerce product pages fully, enabling Google to use rich snippets that inspire more customers.

7. User-Generated Content (UGC)

UGC, or user-generated content, builds trust among customers by increasing their engagement with the store’s community. It includes product reviews, videos, blogs, social media shoutouts, and recommendations. To gather UGC, optimize post-purchase emails, run contests, and integrate social media into your site using tools like ViralSweep and Snapwidget.

8. Spend Time on the Post-Purchase Email Template

Post-purchase emails are crucial for fostering loyalty and trust with customers. By presenting a “next step” and incorporating strategies like product reviews, loyalty programs, and personality you can craft more user engagement and build trust. Remembering that you are a brand with humans on the other end will help customers remember you warmly the next time they buy.

9. Optimize Checkout

Avoid red flags on your checkout page to minimize potential problems and reduce customer abandonment. Address reasons like high extra costs, account aversion, lengthy checkout processes, and difficulty calculating total costs. Provide zero excuses for customers to avoid the purchase and look for a solution like an Optimized One-Page Checkout to give buyers green flags.

10. Build BigCommerce Integration in a click

Bolt partners with BigCommerce to enable one-click checkout pages, simplifying the checkout process for merchants. This partnership reduces abandoned cart rates and increases conversions, making it accessible to all 60,000 merchants.

Key Takeaways

From BigCommerce’s general functionality to its scalability, security, and more, BigCommerce provides you with the tools and techniques you need to expand, operate, and optimize your online business seamlessly. Sorting through the existing eCommerce platforms and their various features can be overwhelming. Many of them seem (and are) similar. As BigCommerce experts, we strive to help your business turn your website and visitors into loyal customers.

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