Offshore Outsourcing: Recruiting and Handling an Efficient Team

Offshore Outsourcing
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Software offshore outsourcing indeed could be called an adaptive response to the current challenges in the world of business, and the whole world as a whole due to the pandemic. Modern realities demand organizations to be more agile when it comes to production and customer satisfaction aspects. Outsourcing is a practice that many organizations have adopted for some time now, with the main objective to reduce costs. 

For businesses, outsourcing offshore has become a common practice, particularly when hiring permanent staff is not an option. If you couldn’t afford to have permanent employees or require contractual workers only for a special project, then outsourcing is a viable option. Businesses, big and small are continuously looking for reliable technology partners for adding value to a project.

How do you recruit and manage an efficient outsourcing team? Let’s find out. 

Effective Ways of Recruiting and Handling an Outsourcing Team

Assigning Team Leaders

There is a need for a team leader who understands the cultures of both parties. By assigning a team leader who could relate to both, then the work culture from the home base could be assimilated easily to the offshore partner. A designated team leader not just makes assigning tasks smoother, but also ascertains a feeling of continuity throughout the organization. 

Moreover, country heads or leaders also are responsible for training, assigning, and reviewing each member’s work. When you have a team leader assigned, take the time to orient every new employee to everything they have to know about the company properly. 

Prevent Getting Lost in Translation

Don’t put yourself in a language barrier scenario. When you’re ready to build your offshore team, consider finding a software development company with good English communication skills. Hire a team of developers from countries where English is common, or the major language of communication, such as India, the Philippines, Singapore, and so on. 

When you screen candidates, there are communication tools you can use, including Skype to determine whether or not they’re conversationally adept. Your offshore team should be comfortable with English to avoid as many misunderstandings and miscommunication as much as possible, which could negatively impact the work outcome. 

Set Due Dates and Timelines

Keep in mind that the persons on your offshore team have lives that almost all the time revolves around a different time zone. It is thus important to establish timelines for what you expect to be accomplished, based on their time zone. Don’t demand something due at a ridiculous hour for your offshore outsourcing partner simply because it’s convenient for you. 

With scheduling and providing due dates when tasks should be reviewed by you or the leader of the team, you get to manage your expectations. After designating a team leader and orienting new members, make sure to provide a timeline or your expectations in the weeks or months to come. 

Assign Tasks in Detail

An organization may require offshore outsourcing for different projects, from content writing to IT. Whatever tasks are needed from your offshore partner, providing clear instructions makes the tasks easier for you and your outsourcing service provider. By communicating instructions for every task, there would be lesser mistakes. 

Clear delegation for your offshore team, as well as an understanding of the project scope, ensures more efficient work. For instance, if you want to have amazing content, then you should be great at giving amazing instructions. 

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Scheduling Team Alignments

The internet is amazing—communication across continents is within your fingertips. Take full advantage of the web by communicating with your offshore team on a regular basis via Skype, Google Hangouts, Slack, or whatever platform you prefer. By setting alignments and meetings every week, you create a sense of closeness by making the offshore feel that they’re part of your office. 

When deciding on a team alignment schedule, don’t forget to schedule by the standard time of your offshore team. Some members have to work from 9-6, so what schedule works for you may not work for them. Open a discussion and work towards a schedule that works for all. 

Using Task Management Tools

Task management tools were made for a reason. Regularly touching base with the team is difficult without being there in person to monitor their daily activities. A management tool helps keep track of every list of deliverables of each member of the team. 

When you assign this responsibility to the members and leaders of the team, it encourages them to be more proactive and provides the bosses with a platform to see the progress of everybody. Create a ‘to-do’ list for every project and make this the basis of managing the team. Some of the tools you can use nowadays include Trello, Wunderlist, Todoist, Things, Google Keep, and so on. 

Keeping the Team Motivated

Keep the offshore development team motivated. The same as spending time integrating your startup culture and the happiness of your employees at home, don’t let the rest of the team abroad work hard. The work quality you get from your offshore outsourcing service provider relates directly to how you treat them as well as the perks you provide. Try building a relationship with the offshore team the same as you would in the office. 

Do your utmost best to instill the company culture within the team abroad. Recognize when a member of the team has been exceptional and reward accordingly. If you notice no improvement in their work, give constructive criticism, and open a dialogue that’s rooted in mutual respect. 

If you show appreciation to your team just like everyone else in your organization, they will be inspired to put the more effort into their work. 

PLANEKS offshoring has proven to be the most effective strategy to attract the right talent for your project. Offshore software development services have a bright future, as software vendors have become reliable partners for both technical and non-technical customers. Product applications reduce the gap between companies and their customers, giving them a significant competitive advantage, one step ahead of the competition.


Fortunately, modern technology helps to manage an offshore outsourcing team easier than ever. It’s not that difficult managing a team abroad if you have. For the team, set clear instructions and timelines as well as manage everyone’s expectations. 

Work relationships that are founded in mutual understanding and respect, which would help keep the team motivated to create great output, as well as encourage them to create a long-term relationship with your brand in the future. 

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