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DIY Tools

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There are several types of tools everyone should have in their home. The following are some of the most crucial ones that will help you make small repairs around your home quickly and efficiently. 

Screwdriver Set

First and foremost, you absolutely need a screwdriver set. These handy tools can be used for so many different things around the house. You can use them to tighten your cabinet hardware, install light switches, open paint cans, and so much more. Some of the most common sets come with 10 pieces of screwdrivers where 5 of them are usually slotted. 

Tape Measure

It’s also often useful to have a tape measure somewhere in the house where it’s easily accessible. Whether you need to measure the wall area for a painting you want to hang up, the door frame when you’re moving furniture around, or for any other measuring purpose, a tape measure is always going to be a useful tool. There are different kinds of tape measured you can choose from depending on how long of a tape measure you need.


Hammer is one of those practical tools that can be used in various different ways. It’s an amazing multitasker and you should definitely have one in your house. On one hand, it will help you drive nails into wood easily and quickly. On the other hand, its angled claws will allow you to pull out the nails almost effortlessly. 

Duct Tape

Whenever you need to quickly fix something around the house, the sticky tape is your best friend. With a woven backing thicker than majority of the rolls, duct tapes are made of very strong materials. At the same time, it is easy to rip them to a desired length. You can use duct tapes to repair broken buckets, torn traps, and other similar things around the house.


Keeping your tools organised will make them more easily accessible for you and prevent clutter around your home. You will also be able to find the tools that you need more easily. With a large-capacity toolbox, you can neatly store away your tools in one place and carry them around the house when you have to repair something. 

DIY Tools


Flashlight may not be a tool that will help you repair things that are broken, but it will definitely be useful when you have to access spaces that have poor access to light. Also, if the power goes out, it’s very useful to have flashlights around the house. You can look for rechargeable flashlights that will offer an amazing quality and durability. 

Set of Pliers

You can use set of pliers to replace old shower heads, slice wiring, straighten bent power cord plugs, and generally just get a strong grip on things you’re trying to repair. There is a variety of pliers that you can choose from. Some of the sets come with diagonal-cutting, long-nose, and slip-joint types of pliers.

Utility Knife

This simple yet very efficient tool will help you out whenever you need to sharpen your pencils, open boxes, shave wood, or mark mortises. Utility knives have a sturdy locking blade and comfortable ergonomic handles that makes using them very easy and practical. You can even get replacement blades that you can easily pop in when the old ones start getting dull. 

Putty Knife

If you need to spread speckling compound, scrape off old paint and wallpapers, and reglaze your windows, a putty knife will help you with that. Make sure you have it in your toolbox. 


A power saw definitely is a useful tool. However, if you want a tool that is just as efficient but easier to set up and less intimidating, get yourself a handsaw. It will help you trim the lumber and mould the stock. It comes with a wide ergonomic handle and a very thick blade. 

Adjustable Wrench

Lastly, when you’re tightening the plumbing fixtures, assembling swings, and fixing similar issues around the house, you’ll need an adjustable wrench. You can find useful little sets of different kinds of wrenches. Make sure you choose the ones with longer handles because they’ll provide you with an extra leverage to free a stuck nut. On the other hand, when space is tight, that’s when you should go for shorter handles. 


Overall, everyone can easily repair smaller issues around their home with the right set of tools. These are just some of the essential ones you should have stored somewhere in your house. 

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