How can Blogging Increase Traffic & Grow Sales for your Business

increase blog traffic
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Increase blog traffic: Imagine waking up one day with a call from your IT department to let you know that the website is overload, and the server cannot handle the influx of customers. Has a dream come true, right? 

Mostly, people might label it as an overnight success. But what they don’t know is the constant Blogging you’ve been doing for the past two years. Every day, in your room, sharing tips, stories and 

Every business owner dreams of driving traffic, attract new customers, build loyalty with customers, and scale the business to become a leader in the industry. 

If you want to get website traffic, lure new customers, and build loyalty for your customers, then blogging is the right path to begin. 

Have you ever explored the power of a blog? 

There are endless benefits. 

But you cannot afford to be crazy or promotional. 

A blog aims to continually add value to the client with well-written, creative and innovative content that will differentiate your brand from your competitors. 

Blogging for business helps in:

  • Growing traffic on the website.
  • Nurture customers and convert them into loyal fans. 
  • Engage current customers and help them with the purchase. 
  • Differentiate you from your competitors. 
  • Grow demand and increase interest in your product/service. 

It’s not just that; we’ll learn how a blog gives benefits even long after publishing it online. 

That’s why it is essential to create a blog that will stay relevant to the long-haul market. 

It would help if you made your blog engaging, valuable, and support the brand reach an authoritative position. 

Here are several ways in which a blog can help your business. The successful companies are already doing it. If you are not using a blog’s power, this is your chance to rethink and reinvest in blogging for business. 

Blog Will Increase Your Website Traffic 

A blog is your way to interact with the target audience. To keep the conversation interesting, you need to create educational content that drives value and entertain people. 

For B2B and B2C brands, more traffic will lead to more leads. Whether you’re selling shoes or a digital agency, you need to create a website that gives users value. 

Companies who blog consistently get frequent benefits than those who blog occasionally. 

When more people come to your website, fill more forms, inquire about your product or service, there is a good chance that these people will buy from you. 

Blogging Increase Traffic

More traffic is good for any business – especially if the users find that your content is relevant and solve their problem. 

Create content that speaks directly to your customer’s pain point and ensure that the relevant data follow every headline. 

Moreover, to increase the rank of your website, use guest posting. Marketers understand the impactful benefits of guest posting. That’s why they even prefer paid guest posting to get a link from a high-domain website. 

Lure New Customers 

Whether you are selling a physical product or an online service, businesses with constant traffic attract new customers. 

Do you research online before you buy a product online? Mostly, people refer to a detailed review blog before they plan to buy anything. 

Most probably, you use Google or other search engines to read reviews before you buy anything online. 

For expensive products, you read more reviews before making a decision. For instance, before spending $40,000 on television, you invest an hour searching online, while for a $15 selfie stick, you’ll spend 15 minutes. 

A business that invests time in creating valuable content for the blog will surely lure new customers. 

That’s why it is essential to consider this while creating your blog strategy. 

An educational blog allows customers to find your blog while searching for a solution. 

For instance, if you have a pest company, informing customers about how to battle with pests and keep you safe will attract customers. 

An apparel company, on the other hand, might lure customers with outfit tips and dressing hacks. 

An eCommerce gift portal will benefit the client by showing new ways to wrap a gift or how various colors can impact personality. Even a how-to blog to choose the right gifts for your loved ones can engage the audience. 

It’s necessary to create blogs with SEO in mind. Be relentless with promotion on social media and newsletters. Blogging without proper SEO is a waste of the potential and energy of everyone involved. 

This will keep your content fresh, attracting and nurturing more customers. It would help if you found topics that customers might find fascinating and do your research and write an engaging blog about it. 

Ensure that every post evokes some action. Depending upon your industry, every blog’s aim must be to provide the reader with relevant information and end the blog with a CTA like ask for a consultation, get a quote or fill out a survey. 

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Target the Want of Your Customers 

Business blogs are mostly created to answer customers’ questions or provide them with solutions they are seeking online. 

While some blogs focus on want-based means, they write content that the customers want but don’t realize its need. For instance: food, clothing, or wellness products.

These blogs are developed for readers who want to read something productive in their leisure time. 

This type of content is a bit challenging to create. 

The key is to make the blogs as exciting and engaging as possible. Think of blogs as a medium to entertain your readers. 

Blogging Increase Traffic

Over time, you’ll establish a bond with your readers, which will result in brand loyalty. 

For example, blogs like copyblogger, Moz, and Search Engine Journal don’t just educate their users; they engage users with powerful storytelling in their blogs. 

Mostly, these blogs don’t sell anything, but they have created a want that the user needs. They are nurturing a community of people eager to know more and improve their business with the blogs’ strategies. 

If you own a restaurant, Blogging can do wonders for you. People who need real estate or legal advice look for some tips that can help them. But with a restaurant, you need to create an experience for them. 

With pictures and descriptions of various cuisines, you can attract food lovers to dine-in in a blog. 

For a restaurant, the blog is a perfect opportunity to attract users and inform them about the new recipes that the chef are trying. 

The success of the blog is based upon the visually stunning pictures that you use in the blog. Upon doing so, you don’t have to invest much in advertising. Just give readers something to talk about, and they’ll love to share it with the audience. 

Show How Your Business Can Help

For many businesses like a digital agency, personal trainers, or home contractors, a blog can become a portfolio. 

It’s ideal for companies who need to show their work before they win a client. 

A client needs to show them past work to gain the trust and dedication they give to every client. 

While it may take a lot of time or energy to update the website, a blog, on the other hand, can easily be updated with just a post. 

Publishing a blog is as easy as posting on Facebook. Tools like WordPress, Medium, and even Pulse on LinkedIn can help you start your business blog without investing in a hosting service. 

When you start posting in different categories on a blog, it will be easy to pass on a link for the portfolio rather than collecting data from various sources and compiling it in an email. 

Additionally, the popularity of DIY (Do It Yourself) blogs force brands to create valuable content for readers. 

For the home contractor, the blog is a way to show off their work and help clients visualize their remodeled home without even stepping out of the house. 

Haskell Interiors use their blog to highlight case studies. 

Blogging Increase Traffic

The before and after images of each project are compelling enough for the readers to remodel their home even if they do not plan for it. 

For a business to succeed, it requires a level of trust in a brand. A blog is a way to earn that trust and sell the product/service without even meeting the client. 

On a blog, you can easily display your achievements or stats to help readers decide better before doing business with you. 

A Blog Gives Long-Lasting Results 

This is one of the most underrated benefits of Blogging. Once you publish a useful blog, it remains out there, attracting new customers for years to come.

Hubspot mentions that more than 90% of the leads come from old blogs. 

Of course, it’s necessary to create new blogs, but that doesn’t mean that older posts won’t be relevant for readers. 

Old blog posts gain authority over time, bringing a reasonable amount of traffic to the website. You can use CTAs to direct traffic to a service page or use internal linking to rank your business’s various services. 

This is why it’s necessary to take old blog posts and revamp them with new links and updated data. You can take advantage of the authority that old blog posts have over the latest blogs. 

Sometimes, it takes a little tweak to make the old blog useful and lure more customers towards your business. 

Maybe, it’s just a title change, or changing the intro will bring more traffic and attention to the blog. 

Build Authority Over Your Niche 

Businesses usually start blogging with customers in their minds. 

Rarely do they think about growing their network or becoming an established blog? 

Think of all the popular blogs out there. Be it marketing, SEO, or startups; there is an authoritative blog for every niche. 

What if you can become that leading blog?

There are just a few blogs that stand out from the crowd. Frequent Blogging on a niche can help 

Mostly, companies look at their competitors when they start blogging. But if you do the market research, you can provide the reader with valuable data. 

It’s okay to observe the competitors. But take it as an opportunity to establish a strong understanding of whatever is trending in the market. 

A Flow of Trust 

When a business build trust with the customer, reputation snowballs. 

“When the trust account is high, communication is easy, instant, and effective.” Stephen R. Covey

Staying consistent with your blogs is the sure-short way to build trust with your customers. 

When you develop content that is both valuable and engaging for your clients, your readers will become addicted to your brand, and it will give birth to a bond of trust. 

It takes time to develop trust with a customer and blog with a constant value to build confidence in the most natural manner. 

Blogging Increase Traffic

And eventually, your customer will become a loyal member of your brand. 

The power of a blog is endless. No matter who your customers are, a blog will help them in the purchase process. 

A blog without results is not beneficial. Measure the results for each blog post. 

Effective Blogging will help you attract customers, create leads, and build a bond with new and existing customers. 

When done directly, a blog can help in making profitable results for the business. 

Closing Thoughts 

Modern-day businesses are all about value-addition for the client. Without creating value first, the customer won’t trust you at all. 

As Gary V reminds us, “Jab, Jab, and then hook” means you need to give something to the client before using your service. 

With a blog, you’ll create a reputation for your business, and it will be easy for you to sell anything with that reputation. 

Just keep in mind that being consistent with a blog is necessary to make your business successful. 

Indeed, it will take time, one blog post at a time. But as mentioned earlier, once posted online, the blog will continue giving benefits to the client. 

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