How to get more Instagram followers to grow your venture

How to Get more Followers on Instagram

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Instagram has become a visual marketing channel that can fetch good attention for your brand. It provides an opportunity to build a reliable customer base, which ensures the growth of your firm. Around 50 million users browse the application each day. It has become a crucial tool in the hands of contemporary digital users. Unlike other social networks, Instagram provides users with the right ways of using the profile. The effective use of this outlet helps in increasing engagement and thereby growing a vast follower base overtime. Keep in mind that the more the number of real Instagram followers, the better it is for your brand.

How to attract followers on this platform?

When you delve deeper into the benefits of each tactic, it reveals the usefulness of this platform. Users increasingly acknowledge the help of this application after reviewing the recent research taking place in the marketplace. Hence, consider the following points in reasonable details for more exposure:

  • Use of right Instagram hashtags: Every user aims to engage the current audience regularly. When the number of followers increases, it gives you a good return on your investment of time and effort. Posting interesting, new and engaging photographs will satisfy your requirement. However, when you make uploads, you have to find hashtags, which compliment your posts. It helps you grab free IG likes that can help you proliferate faster. Significantly, you must engage in appropriate hashtag to make it easy for individuals to find your videos and pictures. When deciding which hashtag will complement a particular post, you may use the search engine guidelines. Be cautious that the more popular a specific Instagram hashtag is, the better reach it provides you. Also, be consistent with your use of the hashtag and keep the numbers optimum. You can use it at the most nine to ten hashtags and be specific with them.
  • The role of hashtags in Instagram in recent times: Along with photos and videos, hashtag the Instagram Stories has become the current trend. It provides you with the opportunity to be seen by those who follow specific hashtags. Moreover, the hashtag stickers you may use are available on the Instagram stickers menu. Also, directly hashtag the captions which feature in the hashtag story is another crucial tool. These days stories can be seen by those who follow you and even those who do not. Hence, it increases your reach and thereby transforms audiences into potential followers.
  • The availability of the right filters on this platform: Users can experiment with filters on Instagram, which they may use for pushing their posts. Keep in mind that the Instagram community responds to interesting photo filters favorably. When you use these filters, it impacts engagement. The most popular filters on this outlet include Juno, normal, Clarendon, lark, Valencia, Amaro, and others. You have to try each filter to see which one brings out the crucial aspects of your pictures. However, the general Instagram community favors certain filters more than others. You have to understand which filters are popular and thereby consider the custom graph for correlating the filter used with the engagement.
  • Decide on the right time for posting on Instagram: Apart from best filters and appropriate hashtags, you must consider the timing. When working on a targeted approach, it is essential to examine what works and what does not. There is an optimization section you can visit for getting a detailed examination of engagement versus posting history. The report highlights the best time of the week or day to post your content. When you make use of the right schedule, you can get more likes and followers. Also, there are social media scheduling tools for scheduling and automatically publishing the post.
  • Stealing followers of competitors from your niche: Another way of finding and attracting new followers is by seeking the closest competitors and engaging with their followers. However, you have to be very robust in your strategy for stealing your competitors’ followers from a similar industry. There are numerous ways of engaging with Instagram users. Keep in mind that the more efficient you are with your posts; you can easily entice eyeballs. There are specific kinds of engagement on Instagram, including photos, videos, comments, and likes on your image. Moreover, there are informal tests to see how your competitor’s followers respond to your marketing advance. The results will reveal their engagement with your brand.

How to use filters and Geotags for increasing followers?

You may use Geotags on Instagram for your benefit. It is because they reveal the location which engages your audience. Moreover, the use of location in stories like hashtags contributes to your success. When you tag individuals along with the site, it engages them with your brand. Also, you have to organize your stories so that you highlight significant aspects. You can use the highlights feature on the profile for managing your Instagram stories. Keep in mind that stories are up for twenty-four hours. Hence, highlights give you a second chance to grab the attention of the followers. Keep in mind that the current trend remains significant if you are expecting to pull more followers. The more relevant you are to the current marketplace, the better are the chances of your success. One very significant aspect is that you have to be consistent with your posts. You have to work out a schedule for posting your content. It helps you stay relevant and also reveals your constant effort before the customers.

Users comprehend your desire to engage with them, and it also reveals your hard work. Hence, everything is significant, from the layout to the color scheme to the images. When you want to attract followers, you must closely monitor Instagram followers to understand your strengths and weaknesses. When you make use of feedback mechanisms, it reveals the areas where you need to work hard. Try to use high-quality photographs as the outlet works on pictures and videos solely. You can even take professional assistance to take unique images to highlight your brand presence.


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