How to Customize BigCommerce Stores Design?

How to Customize BigCommerce Stores Design

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Digitization, lightning-fast lifestyles, and the convenience of shopping have changed the e-commerce world. Digitization has created multiple avenues for building online stores using advanced technologies. At the same time, because of our lightning-fast lifestyle, everyone around us is searching for a convenient way to shop to save time and energy. These situations are so compatible that they have created highly fertile ground for merchants around the world. 

In this rapidly growing era of e-commerce, BigCommerce is one of the popular platforms that empowers users to sell products or services online. BigCommerce is equipped with lots of features in terms of marketing, inventory management, SEO, and professional themes, features, and functionalities that create a better impression in customers’s minds. This proves that BigCommerce is one of the leading e-commerce platforms, but how to customize a BigCommerce store design that meets your business needs. 

How to Design a BigCommerce Store Using BigCommerce Themes?

To start with BigCommerce theme customization, you need to hire a BigCommerce development company to set up your online store. After that, you need to select a professional and beautiful store theme that plays an important role in attracting users and promoting people’s purchase of their merchandise. Therefore, in BigCommerce store customization, the primary things to do are to select a suitable theme, install theme pages, integrate third-party store themes, and finally customize it as per the store requirements. 

Following are the steps that explain how these steps will work:

Select A Theme

The very first step is theme selection, but while selecting a theme, take the assistance of a BigCommerce development company to avoid future consequences. They will guide you through the themes, which have features like menus, prices, product quick views, and more. These features will make your store user-friendly and help you arrange all the categories in the menu while maintaining the stability of the primary navigation. You can hire BigCommerce experts to create responsive online store designs suitable for your niche. A responsive design is necessary to have a smooth shopping experience regardless of the devices they are using.

Third-party BigCommerce Store Theme

BigCommerce provides a range of free and paid themes, but if you would like to have a different theme, then BigCommerec has that arrangement too. After logging in to your BigCommerce account, you need to go to the Storefront, then go to the left side of the menu, click on My Themes, and select Upload a third-party theme. After selecting your preferred theme, you can apply it to your store. 

BigCommerce Theme Page Installation

BigCommerce web designers can customize the store pages as per your requirements. BigCommerce allows you to change the text and place it in the position you want. Additionally, BigCommerce web developers can import SEO information for the page and manage its appearance in the navigation menu. Along with the given pages, expert BigCommerce developers can create new pages, upload the provided content, make it SEO-friendly, and determine how the page will be shown in the visitor’s view from the navigation menu.

Now that you have selected a theme for your online BigCommerce store, you need to customize the store theme (if required), upload the brand logo, edit the home page carousel, and integrate the third-party applications to extend the store’s features and functionalities.

BigCommerce Theme Customization 

Though you have selected a theme as per your requirements, a few changes might be required, such as font size, colors, logo dimensions, forms, and so on. For all these customizations, BigCommerce web designers will assist you in customizing the home page, product category section, reviews, payment options, and more. 

Brand Logo

The logo is the virtual identity of your brand; therefore, expert BigCommerce web designers will create a suitable brand logo image and an icon that links to your BigCommerce store.

Edit The Homepage Carousel

You can edit the homepage carousel to match your store by creating and integrating your own BigCommerce store with the help of BigCommerec web developers. 

Third-party Integration 

You can integrate third-party applications such as social media, payment gateways, and more to extend your store arena and provide the best facilities to your customers.

You can see a preview of the designs across all the devices before finalizing anything to make sure that you are offering the best version of your store to your visitors. The BigCommerce development company can show you the preview to analyze everything carefully before deploying your online store to the public domain. Hire BigCommerce developers who will prioritize your requirements, customize the functionalities, and make it responsive for a smooth user experience. If you want to know more about BigCommerec store designs, hire BigCommerce experts to not only set up your store but also to watch your business soar to new heights!


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