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Discord is the most popular VoIP application. Initially, it was developed specially for gamers, and now it is for everyone. Due to global lockdown, Discord has witnessed a surge in popularity by reaching 100 million active users monthly. For those who are inspired by the overnight success of Discord, this guide can help you to explore the features and cost of developing such an innovative app. 

What is Discord

Discord is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) app that offers features like messaging, voice, and video calls. This versatile app can perform on iOS, Android, and Windows. As we all know that developing an Android app is less expensive than iOS and has a wide range of customer bases. 

Entrepreneurs who have budget constraints and want to reach a wider audience can go with Android app development. If you belong from a non-technical background then you can consult with an experienced android app development company. It will help you understand all the vital aspects that you need to cover while developing your app. 

You can compare Discord with other communication brands like Slack and Skype. Discord Has simplified the way of communication among various users. Also, it allows them to share confidential files and documents in private chats. Let’s have a quick discussion about the key features in-app like Discord that make it successful. 

What Are The Core Features That You Must Add While Creating Apps Like Discord?

Servers and Channels

Discord’s server supports up to 500 channels. It also allows you to create your own server as per your need. You can send invites on social media via your server. You can also change your join setting to prevent it from spammers. Basically Discord offers two types of channels:

  • Text Channels

Here users can upload documents, send messages, and share confidential files. 

  • Voice/Video Channel

Users can connect via audio/video call whenever they need. Initially, Doscords allowed only 10 people to communicate via video chat in a single channel. In 2020 the limit increases to 50 users. 

Screen Sharing 

In 2017, Discord introduced the feature of screen sharing. This feature allows users to share their application window or their whole screen. This feature is best when people in different locations want to share some idea in a visual format. Screen sharing feature helps them to understand their vision and ideas more conveniently. 


Discord is integrated with various platforms that enable users to connect their profiles from social media profiles like Facebook and twitter. Obs, YouTube, XSplit are some other popular platforms combined with DIscord. 

Direct Messages/Chatting Option

Like other chatting applications, Discord offers direct chatting options where users can communicate directly. Additionally, it allows creating a group of 10 users with a for sharing common messages in the group. Discord uses Web Real-time Communication (WRTC) to offer seamless voice and video chatting services. 


As we know, communication apps are widely used to maintain day-to-day communication with our friends, family, and colleagues. This features notify users whenever any new invites or messages are received. If users don’t want to get a continuous notification, they can either mute or partially mute to avoid steady beeps. 

There are three notification options you can offer in your VoIP app.

  • Mute all notifications
  • Mute particular channels/groups
  • Partial mute

Message History

Some applications support the auto-deletion of messages within a specific interval of time to save storage space. Discord allows users to find their old messages. Users can also search by typing a keyword in the search bar to land on a specific text message. 

What Are The Considerable Factors To Create An App Like Discord?


You can research in two ways- demographics and behavioral trends. Demographic research will make you understand the user’s location, age, and device they prefer to access online services and products. On the other hand, Behavioral trend analysis will help you deliver features that are in high demand by users. You will come to know what things you need to avoid that disappoint users. 

Choose App Monetization Model

You have the following options from which you can pick the right monetization model:

  • Ad Blocker

Users can remove ads by paying certain amount.

  • Advertising

Ads inside the app cover your expenses and generate income.

  • Freemium

Users will have to pay for some additional features and functionalities.

  • Subscription

Users can take monthly or annual subscription plans to take your service.

Hire App Development Professional

Developing an app like Discord is not as easy as it sounds. You can Hire android app developer to build your app. An experienced app developer is familiar with all the app complexities and knows how to deal with them. You can quickly get your app once you come into partnership with an experienced app developer. 

Create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Before you launch your final products, make sure that it technically sounds and is capable of delivering high performance. It would be best if you launched MVP to measure your app performance and technicality. Launching MVP will help you to understand what is liked and disliked factors by the users. You can monitor and make changes to your app according to the user’s feedback. 

App Promotion

Developing a business solution is never enough. It would help if you go through a strong promotional approach to create awareness and let users know about your app. You have the following app promotion ideas.

  • Launch marketing campaigns
  • Work with influencers
  • Advertise on social media
  • Organize event


To prevent your app from the future bug, follow the standard testing practice. Ensure that your app is free from any errors and offers a hassle-free user experience. Follow the below methods to test your app in the best way possible:

  • Test automation
  • Localization and internationalization testing
  • Integration testing
  • End-to-end testing
  • Usability testing
  • Functional testing
  • Load and stress testing
  • Configuration and compatibility testing

The VoIP app, like Discord, is the most significant innovation in the app development industry. To create a successful app like Discord, ensure that you follow the right approach and cover all the technical aspects.

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